Breevel Vkj67 Brita Filter Hot Cup With Variable Dispenser

I recently bought the
Breevel VKJ67 Brita Filter Hot Cup With Variable Dispenser
As i’ve always had trouble pouring from a kettle. No matter what i do, the water always ended up on the worktop and i just didn’t feel safe with a kettle.

I bought the one with the brita filter as it was cheaper on amazon than just the standard variable cup sized one.

The hot cup is slightly bigger than a normal kettle. It looks a bit like a coffee maker. It has a solid rubber coated handle at the back for easy lifting, but it does have quite a weight in it. The whole machine is covered in plastic like a normal kettle would be. On the top, it has a button to push to open the lid where you would put the water. It has a start button and towards the front still on the top, it has a rubber stop button. It has a nozzle underneath this, and a drip tray which feels like a slatted tin on top of plastic to catch any drips and where the cup sits. It also had a fill level for sighted users. Just above the start button, there is a wee dial to ajust the cup size from a very small cup to a larger one. Thr brita filter model also has a screen at the back of the unit to tell when the filter needs changed. It has a button to turn off the filter too, presumably to remove it but i’m not sure on that.

When you first get the device, you have to attach each piece up. You mainly have to put the lid on and attach the drip tray which isn’t hard at all. Next, you have to insert the brita cartridge which comes with it. This feels like a very small dehumidifier if anyone knows what that feels like. It has a hole at the top, and smaller holes at the bottom for the water to filter through. It attaches to the area where you put the water. When you put in a new filter the first time, you have to run cold water through it by filling up the machine, then empty it out again. You then fill it up again and it’s ready to use. You then turn on the filter using the little button on the lid, and away you go. *Eddited to add:if you fill up the sink with cold water and swish the filter around for a bit, that is enough to get the filter working before you put it in to the machine.

The water does taste quite weird when you use it. Almost like it’s thinner or something. It’s hard to explain. My dad even uses it for his coffee and he did say it made him feel a little queasy for the first few times, but he thinks that was just him getting used to drinking filtered water rather than pure water. It doesn’t affect him now and he is using it instead of the regular kettle. When the water comes out, it is quite hot, but you can still carry a cup off it. When you touch the plastic body it wouldn’t burn you like a kettle might. It boils really quickly too. It can sometimes splash, but you barely notice it. The drip tray barely needs emptied either.

There are a few drawbacks to the hot cup purely from a visually impaired persons point of view. The filter takes up all the room in the water cavity however we have deliberately filled it past the fill level as you couldn’t feel it on the outside and it doesn’t seem to do anything. The way we get round that is by using a jug to fill it, letting the water drip in slowly.

There is no way of knowing what setting is for what cup unfortunately. So i’m not sure how you would adjust it independently. Since me, my dad, and sister use it, they always put the dial to the size of cup i would want as i use the same one each time or a similar one. I think it would be awesome if they had an adjustable nozzle or something each time you turned the dial. You could then put your cup on and it the nozzle was a certain distance away you would have the right cup.

I don’t know how i am going to know if the filter needs changed since it is just a little screen. I guess maybe the water would taste different? I don’t know. Apparently they last for three months or so if the hot cup is being used every day.

The only other issue is the fact that the filter takes up all the space in the cavity so when you reach in, you can only feel it. But you could use the jug to fill it if you weren’t sure how far to fill it.

The only other issue is how heavy it is if you were carrying the machine to the sink to fill it, but again you could use the jug.

Apart from that, it is a great little machine. A lot of reviewers noticed a tcp type taste and smell off it, but i never noticed it off mine.

I would really recommend it for anyone who is nervous about pouring a kettle, or simply for someone who wanted to save water and energy rather than wasting it. I’m so glad i got it. I find myself making a cup of tea, just because now :).

I hope you have found this review helpful, and comment away if you have any more questions :). I may even do an audio boo of it working sometime, who knows.