No Apple Watch For Me

So last week, I had a nosey at the Apple watch and blogged about it. Since then, i’ve been stewing over getting one, going from really really wanting one to not wanting one at all. I was going to make an appointment to see the accessibility features of the watch, as the watches were all demmos, running a demmo of the watch software, so they didn’t have voice over on them. However i have read articles that tell me that voice over is already on the watch, so why go up and see it when i know it’s already going to be on there?

I have discussed getting the watch both on and offline, and as my sister pointed out “Why pay £300 just for a stop watch when you can do that on your phone?”. Which is true. I mainly only wanted it for the workout app, and because i thought it would be really quick to get my time etc up. But to be honest, it wouldn’t really considering i’d still have to stop etc to get my time anyway. Plus i can do my time with the Run keeper app, but i liked the coolness of having a sports watch, and plus i was maybe a tiny bit jealous, well maybe not, but i did like all the sports watches, and thought it would be cool to have one.

I also looked at one of the fitbit devices, or rather read up about it, as well as the many other bands on sale, but i think i will stick to Runkeeper. Sure it’s a hassle to fish it out of my pocket, unlock it, find the stop button and wait tentatively until i get to the finish line before pressing it, but to be honest, Runkeeper does exactly what i need it to which is to track my distance, time and pace. Plus i always have my phone with me anyway. I may, perhaps, treat myself to one of those cases runners have for their phones at some point, but even then i always wear things with pockets so again i wouldn’t need it.

I do think the apple watch is cool, but it’s not for me at the minute. I can’t justify to myself getting it just for the workout app.

I hope it serves whoever gets it well, but for me, it’s my iphone and Runkeeper all the way :).

Apple Watch First Impressions

Today i was up in Belfast anyway, so decided to take a scoot up to see the new apple watch. Now, i am not the type who has to have the latest thing, or who has to be one of the first to get something, so for me to go up was kind of out of the ordinary. My main reason for getting the apple watch is because when i’m doing parkrun, i normally use the Runkeeper app. The app works fine, but i must admit i am a bit jealous of all the garmans and other brands i have seen people using. Plus it is a bit of a phaff to get the phone out of your pocket, press the power button, switch on my keyboard and unlock it all the time. So if i can have all that on my wrist, it will be much more simpler. There are no accessible watches around. RNIB and Cobolt do do watches, but they are a bit chunky monkeyish and the voices aren’t that great. Plus they don’t give you your pace etc. When i heard that the apple watch has a workout app and is accessible, i was quite excited. I wouldn’t want to take calls on the watch or anything, but i would like it for the workout app mainly.

When i went to the apple store, it was no busier than it usually would be, which i was surprised about since i was expecting it to be bunged. Within about 5 minutes, someone came over to me and asked if i needed help with anything. I told him that i was interested in seeing the apple watch, and he took my name and apple id. I’m not sure why he had to take my apple id but there you go.

Luckily enough, someone was finishing with another customer just as we walked over to wait, so i could get seen straight away. The lady who helped me was called Jude. She first of all let me feel the watch before letting me try it on. She let me try on both sport bands. Each of the bands can be adjusted to fit your wrist. To put the sports band on, you first of all push this thing that looks like a stud in to one of the wholes. The wholes are like belt wholes. You then thread the strap through the loop and that’s it. The sports strap feels very rubbery. Initially, it does feel quite snug around your wrist, but i presume that it would loosen in time. I tried on both sizes and i can’t decide if i should go for the 38 or the 42 millimetres watch if i do get one. The 38 was more like a dinky little square, while the 42 was a rectangle.

Unfortunately, the accessibility features couldn’t be turned on even though they were all there. The watches were all on demmo mode. Apparently the accessibility featured watches will be in the store next week. The accessibility will be on all the watches, but couldn’t be turned on on the demmo ones. That was so disappointing, and even the apple staff found it disappointing. They said if i call in again next week the staff should be able to take me though the features. I tried even pressing the digital crown, but it didn’t work.

I did get to feel the heartbeat thing though which was really weird. It felt like the watch had moved or something. It was really hard to describe the feeling.

I also tried on the other bands. The Melonese one was the most comfortable and lightweight. I thought it was cool!

I also got to see how the watch charges. I’d have thought the fact that the charger is magnettic would be bad but apparently it’s not. The end that plugs in to the watch, or connects, looks like a few pound coins joined together.

I must say that when you take off the apple watch, you do notice a nakedness on your wrist.

I must thank the apple staff as always. I love how aware they are of people with visual impairments, and nobody cares. You are treated just like any other customer, and they know agout voice over or seem to, anyway.

I can’t wait to see the accessibility features. Then, and only then, will my mind be truly made up. I’m leaning towards deffinetly getting it, but convincing myself that i don’t need it at the same time. But then again, i did that with the iphone too.

So did anyone else go to preview the watch? Have you ordered it? What were your thoughts?

“Frog, Froggy and Froggit” by Molly Jane Watt

I recently baught this fun little audio book written by a lady called Molly Watt. Molly wrote and illustrated this book about 3 frogs. She wanted to get across the message of inclusion. It is aimed at 7 to 8 year olds, but anyone can read it. All of the proceeds go to the
Molly Watt Trust
Which aims to help those with Usher Syndrome. Molly has Ushers herself and it is fantastic reading about all the work she is doing.

Frog, Froggy and Froggit is available in print, ebook, and audio. I had a little miss hap with the audio, but that was more my fault rather than the stores. I have finally listened to it, and even though it is short, it gets the message across very well. It comes very nicely, without being too “in your face” about it.

The link for the audio version of the book is

As an aside, i think the name “Kissed off” is kind of cool :).