Belfast City Marathon 8 Mile Walk 2015

Today i took part in the 8 mile walk again as part of the Belfast city Marathon. For some reason, i didn’t really publish much about it on here. I noticed too this year that sponsorship was harder to come by. I think that was because it took me longer to put up a link because i wanted to make sure i had a guide first to walk with me and Ushi, before i set up a just giving page, in case i needed to pull out because of not having a guide. Thankfully that didn’t happen though.

So today, i was met by a lady from guide dogs as she was walking with me. We met at Central train station and headed down in to town that way. When we arrived, the runners were just setting off, so we would be setting off shortly after them. We waited for our friend to turn up with her guide, and off we went.

I braught Ushi along for the walk again, and we did a mixture of working and me being guided which she seemed to like. She didn’t mind working either. I made sure to offer her water at each water station too which she redily accepted.

I noticed this year there didn’t seem to be as much of a buzz about the event, but i think that was because last year when i did it, it was my first time, whereas this year i knew what to expect. We still got lots of support and encouragement, but it didn’t seem as busy as it was last year or something. I can’t quite place it.

We finished the walk in 2 hours and 38 minutes, which seemed faster than last year, but i can’t remember what that time was lol. I was quite surprised to be finished so early.

When we got to ormeau park, which was where the walk finished, we got our goody bag and our t shirts and stuff. We also got interviewed by U.TV for the news which was shown tonight. We finished at about 5 to 12, so i was able to get the 10 past one train home.

I can tell you now though, i’m starting to really flag, so i think an early night is deffinetly in order, since i’ve been up since half past 6 to make the 8 o’clock train. My legs are sore now, but i think that was because we ran for a few seconds to get to the finish line lol. My feet were roasting after the walk, but thankfully i don’t have any blisters which is good.

It was a brilliant day, and the craic and the company was good too. I don’t know if i will enter next years one though, especially because Ushi will be 7 and i like entering with her. I’ll have to see how she goes.

If anyone is wanting to sponsor me, my page is
And it’s open for another 3 months. I have reached my target, but every little helps, as they say.

I would like to thank everyone for making today such great craic. I think i shall head to bed shortly, and hope my legs aren’t too stiff in the morning lol. That’ll teach me for running at the end though.

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