Boogying With TheBCGC

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a quiz for a charity radio station called
Radio cracker
Which is a Ballymena based radio station which runs from the end of November to Christmas Eve. Itraises money for a lot of charities overseas. The chairman of our local visually impaired club told us about the quiz. Some of the fundraising branch decided to go along to support him and get a team together as he has organised country concerts for the fundraising branch of Guide dogs in the past. Whilst we were at the quiz, we heard about a concert that was coming up to help raise money for Radio Cracker. The Belfast Community Gospel choir were coming to Ballymena. Now, i wouldn’t normally be a church goer, but i had heard they were good, so thought i’d go for the music anyway. At least it was a night out and would support a good cause.

The concert was last night. The church where it was held was packed to the gills. It was a very modern church with very comfortable pews and great accoostics. It seemed to be a very big church. It was the choirs first time appearing in Ballymena so they seemed to get a good turn out which was good. My friend came along too.

The choir not only performed christian music, but a range of other music too such as Michael Jacksons “What a feeling” and “Something Inside so strong”. They performed brilliantly, and as for the choirs conductor, i’ve never seen a more entheusiastic person as she was. She walked up and down the audience directing the choir and getting the audience to sing along and have a good time. They said people could vidio it and take photos as much as they wanted-they just wanted people to have a good time. It was hard not to get carried along with the music and everyone in the audience was either clapping or singing along. There was a real buzz about the place. They sang for about an hour before the interval.

After the interval, there was a presentation given by the chairman of Radio Cracker along with pictures and vidio of the charities they had helped over the years that the station had been running. The tickets alone for the concert had raised £3000 which was fabulous. The choir then did the rest of their concert which was just as good as the first half.

During the concert, the director picked out a random man out of the crowd and started talking to him. It turned out that him and his wife were married for 54 years, so they got a free CD from the choir. The choir were selling their CDS for £10 each for everyone else. I thought that was lovely how they did that. They also sang happy birthday to another person and gave him a free CD. They even invited people up from the audience to sing with them at the end during their rendition of “Oh happy day”. It was a fantastic night.

If anyone would like to hear them,
Here is a sample boo
Of their music. It was such a fun concert. I would deffinetly go to see them again. The interesting thing is, they have 127 members so each time they perform, it is effectively a different choir performing as only 50 people can do it at a time. They sing all over the world. It was such a good night. I would recommend seeing them.