Blogging 101:Falling Off The Waggon

It’s the last day of the Blogging 101 chalenge i started at the start of January here on WordPress. I’m afraid i have rather fallen off the waggon on this one. To be fair though, a lot of the things have been behind the seens stuff and building up your blog. The course is primarely aimed at people who have never blogged before. Have tried to keep up with the whole thing, and the assignments looked good, but i just found that when it came to writing, that was a struggle.

That’s not to say that i haven’t been busy though-in fact the very opposite. What with doing my art class on a Thursday morning and preparing for the upcoming exhibition that we will be having, to guide dogs meetings, to campaigning meetings, to going up to Stormont with guide dogs to deliver guide dogs manifesto to the politicians, to co delivering disability equality training with ourhealth trust. Plus Parkrun every Saturday morning. So January has been a busy old month, but i haven’t felt like blogging it at the end of the day. It looks like February might be the same way, with the AGM tomorrow for Angel Eyes NI followed by a campaigning meeting on Monday. Ballymena is going through apublic relm scheme at the minute, so the whole town is a bit of a mess with roadworks usually in a different place every day. I’ve noticed though that since they have started up again after their christmas break, they seem more organised with where the roadworks are. Perhaps that is because i’m not as effected on my main routes through the town as i was before christmas. It will be interesting to see how long is left of the work for a start, and just to hear a general update i suppose.

I must thank the other bloggers in the challenge who have followed and commented on my posts. I did try to do the same, so any random comments are probably from me lol. I think i’ll just stick to blogging as and when the notion takes me though.

I’d like to thank everyone for putting up with the slight change of title of the blog. I guess “The average blog by an average blogger” was kind of boring me a little. I’m more happy with the name of the blog now i think.

Apologies for the spelling mistakes-the wordpress app keeps crashing when i go to try and eddit on my ipad which is driving me mad. It has crashed 3 times already since i started the post. I hate mistakes in my posts though.

Normal service can now resume, and although the challenge was good, i think i’ll just stick to blogging without putting pressure on myself :).

One Comment on “Blogging 101:Falling Off The Waggon”

  1. lilypup says:

    You have been blogging a really long time! That’s great. You also are so active. I took Blogging 101 a couple of times and found it really helped. Have a great week.

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