Trying Running

I never thought i’d be writing a post like this, but today i gave running a go.

I have never been that keen on running. None of my family have ever ran, and it was a saying in our house that you should never run unless you are being chased. Of course i had ran at school, but to be honest, i’d always felt as if i had to run at theguides pace, and things like teathers where you are attached to someone by a rope or something similar just weren’t around. So you had to run as if you were being sighted guided which is holding on to the persons arm. Added to that, a girl i was friends with at the time was running with me once and she tripped over my feet. She went down and it took weeksfor her knees toheal up. Of course i blamed myself, so all in all, running was not a good experience because of that.

When i go to Parkrun, i often think that i am holding people back as i need someone to walk with me all the time. I have been assured that there is always someone who for whatever reason wants to walk, but part of me still thought they were just saying that to be kind. People have often said to me that i should give running a go, but i have always been put off by it. I had said that someday i would like to try running with a teather, rather than holding on to someones arm to see if i still liked it. If i didn’t like it, at least i would have tried it again.

So when i got a message from the lady who was going to be walking with me at parkrun today asking if i would like to try running, i said yes without much thought. Now, this lady is a running coach, so if i was going to try running, i knew she would be the best person to start with. Strangely, i was a little excited about trying it.

Today was the day. We started walking the normal parkrun course. She had made a hand made rope teather which was good. We were going to try running on the course, but figured we’d get used to the teather and instructions first. The instructions given for a runner are different than someone walking with a guide. So after i completed my normal parkrun, we went for a little run, just a little one. All in all, i ran for about 5 minutes with walking breaks in between. I must say, it wasn’t as bad as i first thought. Now, i’m not saying i either didn’t like or dislike it, but it deffinetly wasn’t as bad as i’d first thought. I think i need a few more sessions before i say yes i deffinetly want to do it. Strangely enough, i was imagining myself running the parkrun lol. I need to work on lengthening my stride as i am taking very short steps, but it was amazing to run at my speed, not my guides. The lady running as my guide shouted to all the runners who were waiting to get their bar codes scanned that i was running lol. I need to also work on my arm swing apparently as that can slow you down or speed you up. It felt odd to swing ne arm forward opposite to whichever leg you moved. Getting that coordination will be hard no doubt.

I won’t be at parkrun next week, but i am kind of looking forward to trying running again. I just hope i’m not just telling myself that i like it if i don’t. I can still do my other walks too, and if i only run parkrun, it’s still something. That little voice of doubt keeps telling me that i am only doing it and i don’t really like it but time will tell no doubt.

I would like to thank parkrun once again for giving me this opportunity to try this out. I’ll let you all know how the next session goes :).