If We Were Having Coffee

There is a blogging event on WordPress taking place called
#Weekend Coffee Share
In which you discuss your weekend or whatever you wanted to if you were having coffee with your readers. It sounded interesting, so i thought i’d give it a go.

If we were having coffee, i’d probably get around to talking about
And ask how you got in to running. I’d ask where your favourite parkrun was and how many you’d done. I’d ask you if you had got any of the mile stone T shirts and when your last Pb was.

I’d no doubt get talking about
The archers
And ask what you thought about the current storyline involving Rob and Helen. I’d discuss how even though it is a horrible storyline to hear, the type of issue being discussed can happen to anyone in any relationship.

I’d tell you that i had taken 16206 steps today alone. I’d explain that i had a fitbit tracker and ask how many steps you had taken. It gets very competative comparing steps :).

I’d explain that i was taking part in
Waggy races
Tomorrow and explain what it was. I’d encourage you to sign up for the next one if you had a dog lol.

I’d share an article about a woman making her boyfriend
An easter egg made of bacon
And how when he cut in to it, there was a full fry inside. Ewww. Just the thought of that would make you sick. I have to take a real notion for a fry, which isn’t that often, but the thought of this sounds absolutely disgusting.

Finally, i’d probably ask you to share what you would say to your readers if you were sitting down to coffee with them. I would mainly be letting other people talk though as i wouldn’t want to be hogging the conversation or being too full of myself. I’d say we could fill our time rightly with the things we’d be getting up to and other snippets of information we felt would be useful to whoever we were sitting with.

What would you discuss if we were sitting down to coffee? It deffinetly is an interesting idea, and it certainly gets the conversation going. Oh, and i wouldn’t be drinking coffee. I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste. That’s probably due to me trying my dads Carte Noir which is very very strong. I think i’ll stick to tea :).