All Wired Up Take Two

I had already posted this, or thought i did. I think i deleted it. I wondered why it didn’t post to Twitter :(. So here’s take 2. Hopefully it’ll post this time.

On Wednesday, I was taking part in a research studdy at Queens University. The research was being conducted by the school of psychology at the university. They do quite a number of interesting experiments. I took part in one once where you had to catch a ball as it came down a ramp. It was put down at different speeds. It was to test movement and reflexes i think. Wednesdays experiment was all about audio description and how peoples brain waves reacted to it.

On Wednesday, I was picked up at the train station before being taken to the university itself. Two students who were with the head researcher took me up to where the experiment would happen, while the researcher got parked.

First, the researcher read through a consent form which i needed to sign, before she measured my head to fit the cap that would have the electrodes attached to it. I was taken in to a small booth where all the equipment was. Gel was then put on my head to help the conduction of the electrictity before more individual electrodes were added. I was told i had a very conductive scalp lol. There were also two electrodes placed above and below my right eye to isolate the movements of your eye muscles.

Once all that was taken care of, i was played 4 10 minute segments of audio description. The pieces were written by the students themselves and described by them. There were two stories, but they were repeated with different sound effects in the background, and different things described to see how the brain waves reacted when something was being described that wasn’t happening in the sceen being played. It was quite interesting, and i wanted to know more about what happened in the stories and what happened to the characters.

When i was finished listening to all the segments, i was given the opportunity to wash the gel out of my hair as it can leave your hair quite sticky. The area where the shower is is mainly designed for children, as apparently they would bring a lot of children if they need to have tests for something. Because of this, the sink was quite low, but thankfully we were warned about that before so knew what to expect.

I then returned to the main room where i had to rate each piece of audio description and explain which segments i thought were better. I was also asked how often i watched something with audio description on it and how long i was visually impaired. I was then taken back to the train station.

I would like to thank queens for having this opportunity and it’ll be interesting to find out the results, especially as they are doing it with sighted people too. I look forward to the next interesting experiment they conduct.

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