“Our Country Nurse” By Sarah & Amy Beeson

I was browsing through the hashtag for
The Archers
On Twitter, when i discovered
An audio sample of the book
Ther person reading the sample is the sister of one of the actors in The Archers, hence it being posted on the hashtag.

Our Country Nurse is all about a health visitor who has come to work in a little village called Totly in Kent. The book is not just a dull account of her life there, rather it deals with many issues such as poverty and emigration. The book is very fast paced, and you can’t help imagining being in Sarahs’ shoes as she deals with many new mums and babies. The way the book is written, it almost feels fictional but it is Sarahs’ real life experiences. I found myself getting carried along and wishing somehow that i could have had a health visitor like Sarah as she appears so kind and is probably what the mothers need to hear and that they are doing just fine. It is easy to imagine you are in fact one of the mothers being helped by Sarah.

I was delighted when i discovered that Sarah has also written another book, “The New Arrival” which i can’t wait to start reading.

You can buy the books, as well as read some advice if you are a mother with a new baby on
Sarahs’ Website
As well as on Amazon and on Ibooks on IOS.

I can’t wait to get stuck in to the next one :).

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