Use Your Senses Belfast

Today i took part in a 5 K walk with a difference. Around each kilometre, there was a “sense station” which corrilated with the 5 senses.

I got the train around 9 o’clock, where i then met my guide and we headed up to the Stormont estate where the event was happening. We all milled around for a bit and people could buy Use your senses t shirts if they wanted. Due to the nature of the run/walk, guide dogs couldn’t walk with us, so i left Vivvy with a volunteer who happened to have been her boarder in training, so it was a happy reunion.

Next, we all headed off to the start line to do some warm up exercises before we we were off. The first sense station we came to was scented bubbles. Next, there was a choir and band playing. Next, we got some sweets for the taste station, before getting covered in coloured powder in guide dogs colours. Finally, it was time to run and walk through a foam pit. The 5 K was two loops, so we did it all again before we got given our medals.

Even though there were the 5 sense stations, we were all accompanied by lots of music and drumming the whole way round.

The event was so well attended. There were close to 300 people there i think. It was incredibly well organised and everyone seemed to enjoy it, even if we were a little messy towards the end. I really enjoyed the day and i hope it will become a regular feature.

If anyone would like to donate to my just giving page for this event, you can do so


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