I’m Torie. I’ve been blogging since i was 16. I blog about anything from volunteering to guide dogs and everything else inbetween. I’d love to have you along on my journey through this thing we call life.

One Comment on “About”

  1. Lucy Wood says:

    Dear Torie.

    I hope this email finds you well – I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I work as Marketing Coordinator for AccessAble, you met Anna earlier this week at the Northern Trust Disability Consultation Panel.

    As part of my job with AccessAble, I Coordinate our team of Champions who spread the word about our work and mission both to potential customers and during occasional Media opportunities arranged by the marketing team

    Anna has recommended you as a potential Champion and I’ve been asked to make a formal approach to see if you would be interested in becoming part of the Champion Network?
    What will it involve?

    Champions share regular blogs and vlogs about using AccessAble to find accessible places to go, how AccessAble is a gamechanger in accessibility information as well as attending our events and speaking to the media about AccessAble’s work in their region.
    Each month I send out a range of four topics for Champions to consider and pitch for, which has the potential to promote AccessAble in some way.

    We then have phone calls with the Champion whose pitch was successful to discuss in more detail their content idea, deadlines and how we can support you
    Each Champion is paid £50 for their Blog or Vlog.

    The team is impressed with your advocacy work for Guide Dogs and living with Sight Loss and we believe that you could make a great Champion and be a fabulous asset to AccessAble
    Would this be something you would be interested in, by joining our team of Champions?

    Take some time to consider this offer, I am on annual leave next week but if you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact Carrie Ann Lightley (Marketing Manager) at carrie-ann.lightley@AccessAble.co.uk you can give her a call on 07756 744 635.

    Very Best Wishes

    Lucy Wood
    Marketing Coordinator

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