Celebrating 6 Months Together

Today six months ago, I qualified with Ushi! I’d thought i’d do a little recap through the blog, and sort of give how I felt after each link. Wow I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly!

Firstly, I thought i’d go right back to the day I actually
With Ushi. That day was kind of scarey lol. I never thought I would actually qualify as the day before that, I kept drifting into the “guiding road” alot. But I did qualify! It was scarey because I came across the really yappy dogs on our little block route. I had passed them loads before, but they sounded much scarier when there was no instructor! It was also scarey because I’d never been out independently with the cane.

I remember how supportive my instructor was, even texting me if I was nervous, and really encouraging me onwards!

Our first little teething problems started a few days later though. My instructor had been out a couple of days before to take me to the vet to get Ushi her first 6 month checkup and to get weighed. She was grand and healthy which was good.

Ushi had started to become a bit of a
While working. She wouldn’t sit at her kerbs at all, and at some of them she was very hesitant to go. I thought I had done something to make her stop sitting, but later found out from my instructor that it was okay to let her stand at her kerbs, as some dogs are more slower than others to sit at them. (here in the UK our dogs will normally sit to indicate kerbs). She has stood at all of her kerbs now, and even for turns we stand, and she has been grand!

Ushi had also started digging in the garden after her business. She never dug out the way, just dug downwards. She has since grown out of that mostly thankfully.

The problems didn’t stop there unfortunately. She started
On some of our routes. This was a huge pain, and again I thought that i’d done something terrible. I was beginning to think that maybe she wasn’t that good as a guide dog, as sometimes she would stop when there weren’t even any cars or that about, but she could hear one in the distance.

After some
From my instructor, I too thought that the stopping would stop. It did for a couple of days, but then it started up again. It got to the point where she
Would Barely Move
(I couldn’t even get out of the house without it happening.). It wasn’t just stopping for obsticles, it was just coming to a complete dead stop. It got so bad that I wanted to give her back! I know that’s a horrible thing to say, but that was how frustrated I had gotten. Nothing I seemed to do would make her go forward, and I got less and less inclined to actually do a walk. I felt absolutely terrible, and thought that Ushi would be taken away from me since she was having so many problems. I decided that enough was enough after 4 solid days of hardly being able to move from my front door. I phoned my team on the Monday of that week, and the next day,
The District Team manager
Came down to see what the problem was. I was extremely nervous about this, since he was the manager and all that. I thought I was in trouble lol. He came down, and we discovered that Ushi was just being an arse really, and that there was nothing I did wrong! Wow that was a relief! The only bad thing she did was try and jump up on the man. I thought that was really bad but he just ignored it, and that was the only time she did it in the house when someone came in.

We were able to carry on our walks for the next couple of days. We even took her into town with dad me holding on to the lead just since I didn’t know the route. She decided to leave a
In the middle of the shopping centre though! I felt horrible! I just wanted to crawl away somewhere! I mean what guide dog takes a crap in the middle of a shopping centre? Anyway loads of people had had this problem so I wasn’t alone. I think she did it because she had held it in all day. She sometimes will do this for some strange reason which is weird. That was the only reason she ever did it in a shopping centre though which was good.

The next thing that happened was a local
Photo Opportunity

For both me and the dog in our local paper. This was because my mobility worker wanted a picture of a newly qualified and a long time guide dog owner together. She was fantastic then, and we even went for our first real stay in a coffee shop after that! That was my first introduction to the local fundraising branch, and i have been going ever since. (I can’t actually fundraise yet, but I go to know what they are doing, and plus it gets her used to different places!). In the UK we can’t fundraise for at least 6 months, as the bond is still forming between the two of you.

The next thing I learnt was the route into town with my instructor. We
Got Lost
Before we had even met our instructor and mum had to come get us! I had decided to do a walk before, and she had taken me ever so slightly up another path. Luckily I always carry my phone, so could jsut ring mum to put us back on track! I was so worried in case i’d miss my instructor!

We got lost once more when it was snowing, but we hardly ever get lost now, and if we do I can correct it mostly!

Next, I wondered if I was being
Too Gentle
With her toys, as when Ushi played with me she seemed to know that something was different with me. (She will still do this, and will play more and for longer if someone else plays with her!). This kind of makes me jealous, but at least she does play with me, even if it is just for a little while.

We unfortunately had started getting work done on the kitchen a few weeks later. I thought this would majorly affect Ushi, but she didn’t care at all! She didn’t even care that we had to go around the house to get to the garden as they were always in the kitchen for a good few weeks. She didn’t even notice the noise! During this time though, we started to experience some
Food Issues
I used to add a little water to her food before giving it to her. This was how she got it on class. She had taken it no bother, until one day, she just would not eat it. She did after some encouragement, so I wasn’t really worried. One day though it took at least twenty minutes for her to eat. I had even tried taking the bowl away, then putting it down again, but that didn’t work. I had a little chat with her and explained that I didn’t like it, and decided that the next day I would take the water away, and just have water beside her. That worked far better, and now she eats it no bother, and as long as she has her water beside her, she is grand!

I hated when we experienced our first snow fall. I could hardly work her at all! I was so worried that she would forget her work, but whenever we did work again, I made sure to do obedience before we would work and she would be grand. I remember one time when it was icey, and every time I slid with her, she looked right at me and wouldn’t move until I told her forward.

Ushi and I did have fun though when it did snow. She had a good old run around in it and tried to eat it!

In January, we had a regular aftercare visit skeduled. Ushi decided to
Stop Again
Before we did it, although it was only coming back from one route. I explained that it was happening, so we decided to do that route to see what was happening! Of course she decided not to do it then! I could have cursed her! After me explaining to the instructors and all what the problem was! The instructors decided that Ushi was probably just bored, and didn’t want to go home yet. We have actually got a purpose now for the route into town when i’m doing my quilting course, so she doesn’t stop at all now!

That leads us basically up to
The Dog attack
And all of the issues that when along with it, regarding my drop in confidence and that. Thankfully she is working fabulously now. I nearly had dog attack number 2 happen yesterday though which wasn’t that good. I was walking along just across the road from where the last one happened, and this dog was barking and all, and came up to us, but luckily some kids got it before it could do anything. I thought it was going to happen again, so dropped the harness and braced myself. Thankfully those kids were there to stop it happening which was fabulous! It still shook me up a bit though.

Now that the better weather has come in, I can’t wait to actually do more routes, and to do more than one walk a day! (Although it’s hard to get motivated to do two lol.).

I can’t believe the change though from when I first got Ushi to now, with regards to her routine and that. At the start, I would barely let anyone else even look at her. Over the past few months, I do let others pay attention with her and play with her, but I have made it clear that I always feed her unless I can’t for some reason, and always am the one giving her commands, and doing most of the work with her. I still feed her, and have her bed up in my room, which i’m not sure is a good or bad thing, and she does spend most of her time up here since that is where i am most of the time. When I first got her I wanted to have her bells on her whenever she was downstairs, and would always bring her lead down just in case. Now though whenever I bring her down stairs, I just let her wonder, I don’t bring the lead down, and I don’t have her bells on now. Even for spending I can now trust her to go down the garden with just her normal collar on! I let her wonder around our hall too, and will bring her down when I go down stairs (or rather when she hears the stair gate open, she will come sauntering out of the bedroom lol.).

At the start, I would even have her on lead to go up stairs, but now she just can go up on her own! Sometimes I have to direct her sort of cause she just stands there otherwise.

I hope and think she has deffinetly settled in, and i’d say if she wasn’t happy, she would have shown it!

I have noticed too that I have to really get on to her less and less. Normally a “Pay attention” along with a quick chuck on the harness will do the trick, but I rarely have to really shout/be firm with her!

The next 6 months begin with a fundraising workshop next week which i’m still not sure about, cause it sounds a bit boring, but then again, i wouldn’t be doing anything else, and she has her 6 monthly health check along with vaxinations to get next month too! No doubt she’ll not be too happy about that. She also starts her worming and flea treatments.

I hope you have enjoyed this entry, and sorry it’s a bit long!

Happy 6 month anniversary Ushi pups, and let’s hope the next 6 months have very little issues, and are relaxing and fun!

I still can’t believe the time has flown so fast! Soon it’ll be the big year one! Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the recap!

Interview About Reading….

Today, I had an interview with a journalist about reading. It was good.

The interview started at about half past 1. The journalist asked me questions about whether I read braille or audeo books, how I accessed them, where I got them, If I used computers and the internet to access books, how I got my school books and how I felt about the lack of books available in shops.

It was for an assignment. If it is selected, it could appear on a radio station!!!!!!!! How cool!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll let you know after christmas whether it has been selected. Hope it will be!!!!!