A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, i had my
Guidedog Assessment
Well alot has happened since then, from
My Guide dog Further Assessment,
The Recent Short Handle Work
I’ve been doing.
Sometimes i would still get down about the rolling Gait i’ve mentioned occasionally, but i want to stop thinking about it. I’m thinking of asking my GDMI the next time i see her to see first of all if the gait is a massive roll, which i believe it is, but that’s just me over complicating things, and secondly, to see if it can be corrected.

On the 11th, 12th, and possibly 13th of November, my rehab worker wants me and a couple of others to go up to the hotel where we would train with the guidedogs, to learn the layout of the hotel, so that when it comes to training we will have one less thing to worry about. There might be some short handle work too. *this class is only a new thing that our team wants to try out.*

I hope this goes okay. I also hope that that nasty gait doesn’t make an appearance. Even when i am working with a dog i don’t want that gait to roll. The way i act, i’m acting as if it’s just happened. Any tips on how i could stop worrying? I really don’t want the other guidedog mobility instructors to say about the gait. I will have to work hard on making sure it doesn’t rear its ugly head.

I just thought i’d post this on the aniversary (SP?) of the guidedog assessment.

Thanks for any suggestions on the gait. I need to stop worrying!!!