Ship To Shore Launch

Tonight was the launch of our
Ship to shore
On the belfast barge.

I must say it went very well. The minister for the department for culture, arts, and leisure was meant to come, but she couldn’t so we had the deputy Lord Mayor for belfast too, who thankfully was able to come. She also is the minister for disability too throughout belfast but don’t quote me on that. Arts Extra which is a radio program about the arts were meant to come too but they never got back to us.

The launch was basically me and a friend introducing the exhibition and thanking the funders, followed by whine and lemmonaid and people just browsing.

The prints are on display for the next month, so please do call in and have a nose. They are downstairs.

I even saw my old art teacher from school which was cool. She even has all my old work :).

Thanks again to everyone involved.

I would also like to thank one of the volunteers for deciding to eat with me afterwards in the washington bar. It was nice to have some company. Thanks Liz :).