The Angel Eyes Northern Ireland Christmas Party

yesterday was the
Angel eyes Northern ireland
christmas party. We were heading to a local ice bowl up in Belfast. We headed up there at about 3 o’clock. Unfortunately one of the parents thought it started at three but it could be rearranged. It actually started at 4.

There was a disco going on downstairs, so thankfully they moved us to the upstairs bit which was quieter. I braught Ushi with me and she loved seeing the balls going down the alley. Her tail never stopped wagging. Although there was one time when the chair person of the Angel eyes committee said i should swing my ball. I swung it quite high, so god knows where it ended up!

After the bowling, it was upstairs to eat. I was a bit worried about this, but to be honest all the kids were tucking in so i had nothing to worry about. It was chicken nuggets and that kind of thing for the kids and sandwiches and tea for us. We then sung jingle bells to make Santa come in. Of course Ushi had to say hi to him. We then got a photo taken with him and selection boxes. One of the chair persons kids was a little shy about going up to get one so i offered her mine but she said it was okay.

We were about to go when the chair persons kids asked if we could go ice skating. I said yes we could go if Ushi had a busy break, but she couldn’t go on the ice for obvious reasons. So the chair person kept a hold of her while i skated. I kept her harness on in case there were any problems and said i would come off the ice if she got stressed, but she was grand! After about an hour and a half she did start to get a little anxious, but they were about to clean the ice anyway so figured that we would head home.

I didn’t bring food with me as i didn’t know we were going ice skating. I should have though as when we got home about 9 o’clock she went straight to bed! I felt a bit bad not giving her her dinner, but she was out cold. i just love how adaptable she is. I still wouldn’t take her to a concert though.

Thanks again to the angel eyes chair person for inviting me and i really enjoyed it. I hope other people enjoyed it too!