First Angel Eyes Committee Meeting

Remember back in February I wrote about being asked to
Sit on the Angel Eyes committee
I wasn’t too sure but after finding out about it i decided that i would and it was only until January next year and it would only be about three times a year that i would have to attend meetings. If i didn’t want to do it next year that would be grand.

Last night i wasn’t really looking forward to the meeting when i found out it was today, but thought i’d go anyway. I wasn’t sure what i would get out of it though.

So today the chair person picked me up at about 1 o’clock. We put Ushi in the boot since she has quite a big boot and she asked where i wanted Ushi so i didn’t mind Plus her airbag can’t be turned off so it was grand having her in the boot.

We were that busy gabbing on the way down that we nearly missed where we were going. After finding a roundabout we got there eventually.

We waited for a while until the building was unlocked by one of the other parents. The Angel eyes office is behind a river so ushi was having quite a whine to get in, so i’m thinking her taste of the water the other day has made her like it quite alot lol. While we were waiting, one of the parents braught their little girl over. She was fascinated about Ushi. She was only about 2 or 3. She even told me at one point about the “neenaws” lol when an ambulance went by. All i got was a tap on my shoulder as she told me lol.

When we went in, we first of all got some tea and coffee, before the chair person read out the minutes of the last meeting. We then talked about the first event that is being planned for this year which is “a night at the races”. I thinkk the way this works is you watch horse racing on TV and bet or something without having to go to the races. I don’t really understand how it works really. Anyway it is at the Hilton hotel in Belfast. Tickets are £15 but that includes a buffet. There is also a raffle with tickets for that being £1 and there is an auction too. It is on the 28th of April at 8 o’clock i think. The chair person asked if i would like to go but that isn’t really my thing to be honest.

Next they talked about a group they are starting at the start of May for mothers and toddlers who have a visual impairment. I think this would be great as it would mean parents were getting support from an early age with their issues.

Finally we talked about something that Guide dogs are planning along with Angel Eyes. They are planning to have a “life skills” day some time in May to let kids and parents have a look at the new technology there is out therefor cooking and to let them try it out for themselves. Obviously they would be supervised. There would possibly be some information sessions for parents too. That day is a bit up in the air still but i think it is a great idea. Because it will be held in our local social services building the parents could ask their socialworker afterwards if they would like services from them or something. Just my thoughts anyway. All the parents thought it was good but one seemed to be a bit skepticle.

We basically finished after that. I thought it was a good meeting and will do it for this year. At least i’ve tried it so i could say that. I probably wouldn’t have known what it would be like if i never tried it.

Ushi was a wee star as always. She just went to sleep as usual after looking out the window for a while.

I hope i added something valuable to the meeting.

Everyone was impressed at how good Ushi was. She has always been good but i love hearing it anyway when she lies down when she is meant to.

I’ll let you know about the other meetings when they happen. I am so glad i took up the opportunity to do it!