Rip Little Angel

Today unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our pet dog Angel.

Over the past few weeks, we had noticed that Angels’ tummy seemed to be slightly swollen. We had noticed a while ago that she wasn’t eating as much as she normally would but we just put that down to the heat. Plus the fact that she would have grazed at her food rather than eating it all in one go. We thought she had eaten something to make her tummy swell, but ruled out the obvious things like Bloat. Over the past few days she wasn’t eating much at all and she was becoming really lathargic. She had started to bleed this morning so mum took her up to the vet. The vet did exploratory surgery and performed scanns and such but unfortunately she passed away on the operating table. The vet said that she had ovarian cancer which had spread to her liver. Unfortunately there was nothing really they could do for her. She would have been 5 in February.

RIP little Angel girlie. Even though you and Ushi just tollerated each other, i will miss your little personality and how you and Ushi would fight for the space outside the wall outside my bedroom. I’ll miss how you would run up the stairs, only for Ushi to push you back down again before running down after you. I’ll miss your waggely tail whenever someone would come to the door, or how you would paw at anyone until they paid you attention. You were so very full of life and you really did love every minute of every day. You were so bouncy right up until the end. I hope you will have fun over rainbo bridge. Don’t party too hard. Read the rest of this entry »