Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Retro Handset – Grey Rubberised:Applevis Review

I posted this in January 2015 on a site called
Apple Vis
Which is a site which posts up reviews as well as what’s new in any update that apple releases. They are honest too as towhether an app or update has accessibility troubles. It is a fantastic community. I forgot to post the review here when i posted it earlier in the year.

Ice-Watch Ice-Phone Retro Handset – Grey Rubberised: Heading

This is a handy little gadget that plugs in to the earphone jack of a phone.

What’s in the box

The Ice phone comes with a stand for the phone to sit on which makes it look like an old style phone. There is a space on the stand to put your iphone. It also comes with the handset in a choice of colours, and an instructions booklet.

The ice phone is perfect for sitting at home or whereever you happen to be and you want clearer quality with calls. I find with the iphone if you move at all it thinks you want to use loud speaker so can break up a lot. When you plug in the ice phone it’s as clear as a whistle. There is one button on the phone which you can use to answer or hang up on a call. You can also press the button to listen to your music through the phone.

The only bad points of the phone are that if you’re on the phone and you breathe, the mouth piece picks that up so it can sound like talking on a landline. The other bad point is the phone will not ring when it is plugged in and you get a call.

The stand is quite bulky so i do not use it.

Other than that, it’s a great little phone.

The link to buy the phone is