No Apple Watch For Me

So last week, I had a nosey at the Apple watch and blogged about it. Since then, i’ve been stewing over getting one, going from really really wanting one to not wanting one at all. I was going to make an appointment to see the accessibility features of the watch, as the watches were all demmos, running a demmo of the watch software, so they didn’t have voice over on them. However i have read articles that tell me that voice over is already on the watch, so why go up and see it when i know it’s already going to be on there?

I have discussed getting the watch both on and offline, and as my sister pointed out “Why pay £300 just for a stop watch when you can do that on your phone?”. Which is true. I mainly only wanted it for the workout app, and because i thought it would be really quick to get my time etc up. But to be honest, it wouldn’t really considering i’d still have to stop etc to get my time anyway. Plus i can do my time with the Run keeper app, but i liked the coolness of having a sports watch, and plus i was maybe a tiny bit jealous, well maybe not, but i did like all the sports watches, and thought it would be cool to have one.

I also looked at one of the fitbit devices, or rather read up about it, as well as the many other bands on sale, but i think i will stick to Runkeeper. Sure it’s a hassle to fish it out of my pocket, unlock it, find the stop button and wait tentatively until i get to the finish line before pressing it, but to be honest, Runkeeper does exactly what i need it to which is to track my distance, time and pace. Plus i always have my phone with me anyway. I may, perhaps, treat myself to one of those cases runners have for their phones at some point, but even then i always wear things with pockets so again i wouldn’t need it.

I do think the apple watch is cool, but it’s not for me at the minute. I can’t justify to myself getting it just for the workout app.

I hope it serves whoever gets it well, but for me, it’s my iphone and Runkeeper all the way :).