Art Exam

Today I had my GCSE Art exam.

The theme was earth, fire, air and water. I chose to do Earth.

From the start of January til now, I did my contextual research, and prep sheets. I decided to research an artist called
Sue Lawty
I liked the idea of what she did. I chose to copy the pattern of spirals from things I collected.

Well yesterday and today were the 10 hour period I had to complete my final outcome. That is, the final piece of work I would do. I chose to make two pots out of clay. One represented what I found at home, and the other, was made up of things I found at home. I decided to do this because it was a journey around my school, and a journey from home. It was my world as a blind person, and all the things I found on my journeys.

I am so glad it’s over. It sure takes it out of you, working solidly for 10 hours. I just have to finish coursework.

All my work will be moderated on the 9th May.

I would just like to say that for anyone else who has yet to finish their 10 hour period, good luck.