RIP Wee Ash

Yesterday after writing my post about Ash
Not having long to go
Things took a turn for the worse. She started whining every so often, but we thought it was because she couldn’t move but wanted to. She was very whiney today and they seemed to last longer.

At about three o’clock mum said she let out this massive howl, and mum went in to find her gone. She was very hard around her belly so i think she may have had kidney failure. I was out at the time so sent mum the number for the vet. The vet didn’t come out, so mums partner took her up in a taxi. It was £25 for the vets to dispose of her body. I think it is disgusting, but maybe that’s just me. The vet said that if we wanted we could have kept Ash until Monday, but i don’t think that would have been wise. The smell would have been one thing, and the amount of gas that would have probably built up inside her body wouldn’t have been good.

We had talked this morning about taking her up to the vet on Monday if things hadn’t improved, but thankfully she made the decision herself.

To be honest i never really bonded with her, but i’m just so glad that she went in her own time.

Run free little Ash girlie. You can bark as much as you want now, and you’ll not have to worry. You won’t be in any pain. Rest in peace wee one and sorry you’re last hours were so painful. I’m just glad you weren’t a young dog in a way.

Not Long Left

I was going to write this post a couple of days ago but i kept putting it off hoping things would be better.

A few days ago, our springer
Went off her food and found it a little difficult to get up our back step. I thought nothing too strange about this as she does this every few weeks but recovers within a day or so. Not this time i’m afraid. She has had to be carried in and out the past couple of days. I thought things were improving as she went out and lay in one of our hedges and wriggled further and further in whenever i tried to reach her to get her out. Mum even came out to try and get her back in but she just wriggled in to the tangles of it. We had to leave her in there until the next morning. That probably hasn’t helped her, but it wasn’t cold or wet and we just physically couldn’t reach her.

Mum has started cooking sausages for her and she is barely eating them. She won’t touch her normal food at all. She is still drinking, and has started kind of sliding on her belly to get to where she wants to go but her back legs aren’t working at all. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, but we don’t know. She isn’t yelping or anything.

I don’t think she has long left to be honest. I tried convincing mum to take her to the vet the other day when it started up again, but mum wouldn’t because she is afraid she would be put down. Mum feels very guilty as she took her after my aunt died. (My aunt lived with my granny who did most of the looking after since my aunt was too ill to care for her). Nobody else would take her because she was too old. So mum would feel very guilty if she had to be put down. I think she knows that Ash doesn’t have long left either but i just wish she would stop feeling guilty. I mean she needs to think of Ash now.

I’m hoping in a way that Ash goes naturally rather than us having to make the decision for her. I know it is an awful thing, but she is 13 so if things don’t improve, i’m going to mention it to mum. I know nobody wants to make that decision, but we might have to make it pretty soon if things don’t improve.

When we got her, she was pretty healthy, but has lost her hearing, she can’t hold herself for too long in the toilet department, has developed pretty horrible breath, and has the trouble getting up now.

So i’m really hoping she goes in her own time.

It’s never easy losing a pet but she has lived a good life and when we got her she was 12 so we knew she might not live that long. I sort of figured something might be up last week as ushi was spending alot more time downstairs, and at one point wouldn’t come upstairs until i went to get her for bed.

I’m dreading talking to mum but i know it is for the best.

I’ll let you know how things go, but pray that Ash knows when her time to go is.