I’ve Got An Award!

I got a comment on my blog today from
Carlie And Tia
Who I read quite a bit. I thought i’d participate since I got such a nice award! Thank you Carlie and Tia!

The rules are apparently that I have to link to the person who gave me this award, write 7 things about me and then award the award to 15 other blogs. That’s gonna be hard. Let’s start with 7 things you might not know about me. Hmmmmmmmm………….

1. I am 5 foot tall.
2. I live in Northern Ireland.
3. I love messing around with new technology for blind people.
4. When I was younger, I wanted to be a hair dresser.
5. I think it would be cool to drive a car.
6. I used to be scared of grass lol.
7. I don’t really care if my clothes go together, as long as they are clean.

Now for 15 blogs:
Has been awesome through my whole guide dog process, and still is!
Digital Darragh
Has recently qualified with his new guide dog. He doesn’t really write that much about his dog now, but he did write a great account of his training.
Becky And Cricket
Are an american blog that I read. I think they were one of the first american guide dog blogs I read.
Has come along way since losing her sight a few years ago. She is currently recapping her posts from training with her first dog Jayden, so check them out!
5. I discovered
Jess And Glacier
From the
Second Assistance Dog Blog Carnival
I recently participated in. A great blog!
Julia And Kerry
Have recently completed their training together as a new partnership. I hope everything works out.
7. Mike Brace over at
One Man And His Guide Dog
Recorded a phone cast every week detailing the journey with his first guide dog Izzy. This happened back in November. He doesn’t update anymore, but it still might be worth listening to.
Sylvia And Carmel
Haven’t really updated in a while, but this is another great blog!
9. This is hard!
Selina And Calven
(sorry for spelling mistakes) live over here.
Andrea and her guide dog Karra
Are one of the youngest partnerships in the UK! I think Andrea was 15 or so when she got Karra.
Here Is The Blog
From our local guide dogs association. It’s very informative!
Cura From Cura’s Corner
Shares about training her service dog Cura to meet her needs.
13. Katrin over at
By My Side
Needs alot of support right now, as she is going through quite a difficult time of it.
14. Errica over at
Ezzie’s World
Writes about lots of interesting issues such as campaigning.
and finally, 15. Follow L-squared’s adventures over at
Dogs Eye View

Boy that was hard! Enjoy your awards!

Also before I go, Carlie was wondering how to take the immage of the award. For anyone else who doesn’t know how to do this, here’s how I did it.

At the top of this post hopefully, there should be a link that says “awesome blog award” or something. Click on this. Jaws won’t say anything as this is an immage when the link opens. Go to your address bar and copy the URL. Close down the window.

When creating a new post, type in your title as usual, and then come out of the eddit box, and use your down arrow until you get to “add immage”. Enter on this. A new window will open. Head down the page until you get to “URL” or something, and enter your URL that you copied into this box. Then click “Upload immage”, then after it uploads, click the “done” link that should appear.

You can then write your post below this immage. I usually press enter twice.

I hope this helps, and thanks again!