Backing Up Blogger

Over the last few days, Blogger has decided to have some major issues. I think it was about Thursday when it started.

I first noticed it when i went to log into my dashboard to check up on my blogs i’m following. It said that it was “currently not available” or something like that. A few hours later I went to check if
My last post
Had got any more comments. It had disappeared! I was really disappointed, so asked on Twitter, and apparently lots of people were having the same problem. It came back yesterday, but there were no comments on the post. (I had comments before).

I thought it was time I maybe backed up my blog in case it happened again. (My posts aren’t that important, but I would want them to look back on and that). So after searching on google for “Backing up blogger”, I came across
This Article
Which had some tips on how to back up your blog, including a
Handy Tool
That will back up your blog for you. You basically type in your blogs URL and it goes and fetches it, then saves it. You can then view it like an online website, but it is the exact back up of your blog. The download link is
(There is a tool for Macs too on the page with the article).

Using The Win HT Track Website Coppier

I won’t go into how to install the application, because you all probably know how to do it, but i’ll go through how to submit your blog. Here goes:

1. Once you install the program, it will start automatically. When it starts it says “Win Ht Track Website Copier- [new project one]”. It then has a “next” button. Basically the message on the screen says to press “next” to continue. (You will need the JAWS cursor to read the blurb for each step). Press Enter on the “Next” button. (Tab to get to it if you’re not already there).

2. Once you click “Next” an “edit combo” box will come up. This is the “project name” field. I just typed in “My blog”. Press Tab once and you’ll come to the “project catigry” box. I just wrot “Blog”. Tab until you get to “Next” again.

3. There is an “Edit” box but i don’t know what this is for. Tab once and you’ll get to the “Action” combo box. This is where you can choose from a number of actions. (If you are starting a new project it will select the “download website” option, but if you are resuming a download, it will choose a different option so you don’t really need to bother with this box). If you Tab again there is a “Add URL” button, but just ignore this. Tab until you get to the “URL list” and type in your blog. Then Tab until you get to “Next” again.

4. This last step has loads of stuff you don’t need, so just tab until you get to the “finish” button and press Enter. Your blog will then be copied onto your computer. The default location is “My websites” but you’ll have to search.

Once the blog has copied it will then let you “view” it.

I hope this is easy enough to understand. If not, please do let me know. It’s my first time trying it, so i’m just going on what I did. I think it is worth backing up the blog every once in a while though!