Bad Bad Day

Today was a really bad day. Well just on the mobility front anyway.

Me and my rehab worker have been doing the route down to the college for this week, and we’ll continue until Friday. Well yesterday was great. I hardly had no problems. Today however was a different story.

Everything was going fine until i got to where our local Co-opp is. I first of all went left instead of right, cause i thought that i was farther than i was. I was able to correct it, but then i said we were going left when it was right. We were just standing at a kerb when i just cracked and burst intotears. I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t expecting me to get so worked up cause i said the wrong direction. My rehab worker was great. He explained that it was fine, and not to get so worried. I went on for a bit, and still was pritty shakey. My rehab worker asked me if it was a bad day and if i wanted to stop and that. I wanted to keep going. It went better after that, but still it shocked me.

I don’t know why i got so upset, when i make mistakes sometimes. I think it was probably tiredness, and cause i had put so much pressure on myself to remember all the route.

My rehab worker says that if i get so worked up about mistakes, then i won’t enjoy myself, and i won’t enjoy the guidedog training and that. I want to enjoy the training though. He says that it’s normal to make mistakes but if i can work them out then i’ll be grand.

I’m really hoping that tomorrow when i do it, i won’t get upset. I still feel kind of on edge now. Like you know the way you feel after you have got upset, and you feel all empty and that and it’s hard to smile?

I really hope tomorrow is better.