Dogs And More Dogs

You’ll probably get a couple of posts today. I can’t upload the
pictures to my blog post about the free running adventure we had last
week. For some reason it won’t upload when I use firefox.

I can’t be bothered changing the date for this post.

On Saturday I was fundraising at something called “Bark in the Park”.
This was run by the counscel and the
Dogs trust
I wasn’t sure about going to this, but after being assured that all dogs
would be on leads (i’ve become a bit obsessed about that lol), I decided
to go. It was running from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock.

The treasurer came to collect me at about 12 o’clock. I spent Ushi just
before we went in to the park type place where the event was being
held. I ran in to more problems with the treasurer like
Last Time
Well not problems, just well meaning, but annoying suggestions. Her son
was coming with and was walking with us to our Markee. I had taken
Ushi’s halty off since she had just peed. The treasurer was like “Do
you want my son to take Ushi for a walk? It might release some of her
energy”. (She was pulling because of other dogs). I just said that it
would be better if we could just get inside. She seemed to accept that
which was good.

There were lots of other stalls and things there including The Dogs
Trust, Dog competitions, free vet checks, free microchips, a dog
photographer, a bouncey castle, burger vans, ice cream, and a D J. The
dogs trust were also handing out free poo bags for picking up after your
dog. There were also dog washing services, and a raffle held by us and
the dogs trust.

Once we were inside the markee, I put Ushi’s harness on because she was
still excited. Usually i keep it on for a few minutes just until she
calms down. She was still very excited, so I just took the harness off
and said that i wasn’t expecting her to be totally calm.

Each time I knew there might be dogs coming by past our markee, it was
a case of getting Ushi to sit, and “leave it”. That seemed to work for
a time.

At one point, Ushi finally lay down, and the treasurer was like “Do you
and X (from last time) want to walk around the other stalls with Ushi
and a collection box before it rains?”. I just said that Ushi was
settled and that I didn’t want to get her up. It took a bit of
persuading though before they would accept that.

At one point, there was a dude with a
Dog. He came over to our stall, and I asked him first of all if it was
friendly towards other dogs, and could I pet it. I know I probably
shouldn’t have, but I had a good hold of Ushi. Of course the volunteer
from last time was like “I’ll hold Ushi, give me Ushi.”. I just said
that I had her and I was fine.

Wow that Newfoundland was massive! The dude wasn’t working it, but he
had to groom it quite alot, and it needed plenty of exercise. I wasn’t
too fussed on its coat, as it didn’t really feel like a dog but felt
really greasy kind of. It came up to my hip! I’m sure it took alot of
work to look after it.

Ushi didn’t really like the german sheperd who came up to us. It was
friendly but Ushi was sort of like “Oh god I don’t like how big that dog

After about an hour though, it decided to chuck it down. We had been
sitting outside our markee so that people could see us, but then we had
to move further back inside it. Ushi then found a spot under the table
where she could look out, but she wouldn’t get wet. It got so bad that
all the competitions had to be inside a main building next door to where
the vet checks and microchipping were happening.

I had no more bother after that, and things just ticked along until it
was home time.

When it was raining, I was sitting under the markee, but the treasurer was like “Do you want to sit in the car?”. I was completely dry and i wasn’t going to spend the last half an hour in a car when I was grand where I was! It wasn’t like I was sitting out in the rain or anything.

One of the newspapers who were there decided to take pictures of us just
as we were about to get in the car. So we had to stand in the rain for
a while lol.

It was a great day, and although Ushi was a bit mad at the start, it was
to be expected really. I do wish that certain volunteers wouldn’t make
me feel like I can’t handle my dog though! I was proud of how assertive
I was on Saturday though.

I’ll hopefully get those pictures up soon though for the other post.