Bed Cover Business

I’m not sure if i told you, but in my
Quilting course
I do every Monday morning at a local coffee shop, I decided to make a bed cover for Ushi’s bed. Ushi’s bed is from a company called Pets Incorporated. It is like a big massive pillow. It is much wider though. It comes with one cover but you can only wash it but i think if you the actual bed part it was fall apart. When we had her bed cover off her bed Ushi put her claws through part of the bed so i thought i’d make her another one so she could have one spare.

Me and the quilting woman decided we would make a bed out of dennum jeans. We baught about three pairs of jeans both mens and womens out of a charity shop. We then cut them up into squares as the woman said this would probably be easier to do rather than a big bit to work with. We measured Ushi’s orriginal bed cover first. It was 27 inches long by 38 wide. (I actually thought it was metres or centimetres but that would have been too small).

I first of all started stitching squares together using
A technique called Quick stitching
Which is basically where you put the needle up one side and down again from the top. So you would put it underneath then bring it up and put it down again. That took too long though so we moved on to a stitch called a
Running stitch
Which is where you put the needle in one side but instead of going up and down you push it a little and kind of bunch up the fabric until the point of the needle comes out again. Then just pull it through. They need to be small though. That was okay for stitching the squares together but we decided to do a Jab stitch (can’t get a link for that one) to stitch the two sides together. This is basically where you hold the two sides together but making sure it is the sides with the stitching so that when you put it on it will be on the inside. A jab stitch is where you put the needle in pull it out the other side and loop the thread once over to the other side. So you go in one side and out the other with a loop before you go out the other side. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

I am then going to use those little popper things that you get on duvet covers to actually keep it on Ushi’s bed.

I will post a photo of it when it is finished.

I have quite enjoyed making this bed cover and was thinking that i could do more for other dog owners. I talked to my dad about possibly doing this and he said that would be good. I looked up on Google to see what i would need to start an online business and it said that i would need to create a business plan and all. That sort of scared me.

I said on twitter but was kind of thinking it was a silly idea and that nobody would buy them. But then i got a tweet from
And we had a good chat about it. She said that i should basically go for it. She said that you wouldn’t need a business plan and i could just set up a shop on something called
Which is an online shop. Once i had a couple of covers done i could post photos of them and start listing them. Etsy said that they charged 20 cents (not sure what that would be in Pounds) to list something for 4 months and 3.5 % when someone buys it, but again i’m not sure how much that would be. You can use a credit card or Paypal which would probably be my prefered option since i can link that to my bank account.

So that deffinetly sounds like a good option.

I’ll let you all know when or if i decide to pursue this venture. I would deffinetly like to though! Thanks again L^2 for giving me a spur on.