A Belated Christmas And Happy New Year

I’m up at my uncles and the internet connection is very very patchy, hence me not blogging since my

Aftercare visit

So the next day after that, i did a talk, and we headed up to my uncles on that Wednesday. We’ve had a wonderful time, and what has been really good is that for the past week, my uncle has been out and about wanting to go for a walk each day, and even took me and Ushi for a run on Monday. I love how much she benifits him. This coming from someone who found it very hard to get out and about at all but he has been having quite a good spell with his depression which is good. Unfortunately i did catch a pretty nasty cold, but it’s nearly gone now, and just lingers every so often.

We got my uncle a blue ray player which to say he loves, would be a huge huge understatement.

I’m not going to bother doing a review of the year, as frankly we are up here until the 7th of January or so, and also since the connection is so glitchy, it would just take far too long. This year has been mostly good, but the odd bad points like everyone has. I am hopefully getting a dongle for the internet up here so hopefully that’ll help with the connection as we’re using my sisters phone to provide the internet.

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy new year. I have no idea what next year will bring. I will just see what life throws at me.

Oh and i’ll try replying to comments if i can, but don’t bank on it. Take care all, and see you at some point in the new year!