A Night Away

I forgot to write about this last week.

My friend Paul booked a night away in a hotel for my birthday which is this Friday. To be honest i was quite nervous about this. We have known each other for at least three years. We have never plucked up the courage to ask each other out though even though we clearly have feelings for each other. I found it hard to go with the flow with him so was worried in case the conversation dried up with him. But i decided to give it a go and kept giving myself a pep talk and told myself to go with the flow.

So we went down to Portrush at about 11 o’clock. When we got there we went for a bit of a walk and let Ushi have a run on the beach. We didn’t stay too long there as we weren’t too sure if there was still the dog bann on the beach. We couldn’t check in until 4 o’clock so we just had to hang around until that time. I was just expecting a bog standard hotel, not the Ramada of all places! It was massive. We got taken up to our rooms and the receptionist showed me the room as well as making sure i could get in and out of the bath and all. She showed me how the shower worked and said that if i had any problems i was to give her a call. I was then left to my own devices and connected up to the wifi. (The important thing of course lol).

The room was much bigger than a hotel room i’ve ever seen. Ushi could sprawl at one side whilst i was at the other. There were two beds in it plus all the other essentials like a tv abd such.

We chilled in our rooms for a while and Paul came up and we just talked for a while. We then went off to get ready. We decided to go out for a meal as it was only our bed and breakfast that were encluded in the package. I decided to wear my fancy stuff which is only reserved for the likes of formal stuff. I wore a black blouse, black trousers, black shoes and little pop socks. I say little, but they went right up my thigh. I don’t think they are meant to, it’s just my feet are so small lol.

We stopped off for a quick relief for Ushi as there was grass across the road, and headed off in to the town. We didn’t really know where to go but eventually went to this place called the Harbour bar. It was quite an old bar. You had to go down some steps to get to it. This was only the outer bit. The inner bit, when you eventually got to it was packed to the rafters. I’m surprised we gota table to be honest. Although i did think it was a bingo hall when we went in though as they were calling out numbers lots. We got seated and then Paul went up to order.

I had chicken goujons and chips. We had a strawbery moose afterwards. It was nice but i don’t think you’d have it all the time. It was so so sweet. I can be funny about strawbery things as sometimes the strawbery can be so over powering but this was nice apart from how sweet it was. It was actually quite easy to eat out of a presentation glass and they can be quite hard to eat out of.

We headed back to the hotel very full and satisified. It was so nice to do something different.

I fed Ushi when we got back to the room. Paul didn’t want me going out to spend Ushi on my own as it was quite late, so i asked one of the receptionists to help take me out to the grass. The grass is across the road which is kind of busy, and then it was down this kind of path. The receptionist was only too glad to help. The only bad thing was Ushi did a poo and the woman was three months pregnant so that nearly ended up a bad end. But i picked it up and she was grand. The receptionist then left me up to my room, or at least the lift again. I was surprised at how easy it was to get around the hotel and that which was good. We were on the first floor too which was good.

We spent the night chilling with Paul watching tv and talking away. At one point i was pouring him a cup of tea and thought we had sugar in the little holder with the teas and stuff. I knew it wasn’t sugar when i poured it. It was coffee lol. But bless Pauls heart, he was going to drink it anyway. So i told him that if it was really disgusting he didn’t have to drink it. Thankfully he didn’t and eventually emptied it down the sink. The pearals of being blind sometimes lol.

On Friday after a lovely shower and top class food in the restaurant, we were going to head up to Bellereena to do some gliding, but they kept telling Paul to ring back each day. One day they even told him that we would need bikes to travel up. Someone told us we needed to book and someone said we didn’t. The icing on the cake though was when paul rang and they didn’t even bother answering their phones. So our plans for the day were scuppered a little. We decided to go to Derry for the day instead. It was a bit of a hassle getting into the centre of derry though as Paul said that the bridge couldn’t be walked on. I remember being able to walk it a few years ago and you could walk by the river. It didn’t seem to be the case this time though. Luckily there was a bus in though. We were going to get food but there was nowhere except pubs we could find. Paul didn’t want to take me in to any pubs though because he didn’t want to go in to the wrong pub if you know what i mean. So we just headed back home.

I would like to thank Paul so much. I was so pleased and greatful that he did this for me. I had a sneak at the prices for one night and was totally blown away. I was so greatful. I wouldn’t like to be spoilt all the time like that but i thought it was so nice of him. We haven’t really got any further but i could go with the flow more and we carried on a bit which was good. It’s just scary and we don’t know what way to go from here. I guess we’ll just see what happens. It’s my first serious relationship so we’re both nervous. It was so nice to get away and i think we both needed it. So thanks again Paul. Maybe someday we’ll admit our feelings for each other.>