Thank You

I would first like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has wished me and my sister a happy birthday. We are 21 today.

I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary as presents. I deffinetly got a shock though at some of the things I got!

Because a couple of friends got me things, i’m just gonna use the first letter of their names for anonimity. On Saturday night, it was my friend j’s birthday. She was heading out for a meal but dropped my present off first on the way. She got me and my sister a box of Thorntons chocolate, two decorative shampaigne glasses which say 21 on them I think with glittery flowers, and a bottle of Shampaigne! We haven’t opened it yet, but my friend L is having a bit of a bash on Saturday night, so I might bring that with me! I thought it was a lovely lovely thought :).

I met up with my friend P today since i hadn’t seen him for ages and ages because he has started a new job. We met up in

The same place where I met Jeniffer

Before our free run that day.

Anyway P and I had a good catch up, and he gave me a bottle of perfume called “Handsome Darling” by Kylie Minogue, and a box of Milk Tray chocolates.

Dad got me my new Dell laptop but i got that a couple of weeks ago. Mum is giving me money and getting something engraved or something.

On a side note, my little 2 year old brother was at the park when we were out in Belfast. (He didn’t come but stayed with mum). There is one of those swirly slides in the park where he was. Mumm took him down the slide and he banged it off the side of it. Mum took him up to hospital and he has a broken Feemer. They have put his leg in a splint and are keeping him in for a week to make sure the bone is healing well enough. The good news is that he doesn’t need surgery or anything. They will put a cast on once the bone has started to set. He is settled and comfy as long as his leg won’t be touched.

So it wasn’t sucha nice day for him.

Anyway, once we got back from Belfast, our next door neighbour called at the door. Apparently there was a bunch of flowers which had been left when we were out. I also got a card too. The organiser of our fundraising branch had asked for my date of birth as she was looking for it for her records. She had had a chat with the other members, and had got me a huge bunch of flowers, along with a a stuffed puppy toy. Ushi was quite taken with the toy and thought it was hers lol.

Thank you so so so so much for everything you have got me. It was so nice, and I wasn’t expecting half as much! I loved all my presents.

You guys are all awesome! I’m off to bed now, but thank you so much for a wonderful birthday, even if it had some sadness with regards to my little brother. It was still a brilliant day though! Thank you!