Tractor Driving Experience

I’m back again. I seem to blog one day then the motivation is gone for the next time i want to write. I’d have thought with the ipad i’d have more to write, but i don’t. So i hope someone at least reads this thing.

On Wednesday we headed down to the branch organisers brothers farm. A few months ago, we all were going to be able to drive a rally car up in Poradown which is a fair trek away from Ballymena. Unfortunately that fell threw, but our branch organiser suggested that she would ask her brother if me and another guide dog owner from the branch could drive a tractor. It was nothing to do with guide dogs at all, it would be just a little fun thing to do. The organisers brother said yes so we all headed up there on Wednesday.

We got to drive two tractors. One was a tiney vintage tractor which he collects and the other was a high tech one which did everything for you as long as it was programed into the computer. It was brilliant and the cab was all air conditioned and all. I prefered the second tractor. It was a really great experience and i would like to thank everyone involved. I’d never been behind the wheel of something so thought i’d give it a go.

I have some pictures of the day but unfortunately i don’t know what they are of apart from that they are from the drive. So i appologise for not putting up descriptions of them. Hopefully you will know what they are if you can see them though.

Sorry this post is so rushed, but i think the pictures will show more of what it was like. Enjoy.