Four Years Already?

Did I really set up my blog four years ago today? Apparently I did!

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really think much of it. I just thought it was cool, and everyone else seemed to be doing it. I researched my options, and was going to go with
But I couldn’t really work it. I remembered reading a blog on something called “Live journal”, so decided to search for that. Up it came, and it seemed to be the most accessible platform.

I was very immature then in my writing, and thankfully I think I have massively improved. I always reflect around this time of year, just making sure I still write sensible things, and that i’m not just writing for the sake of it.

I was known as “rop_heart” on Live journal (I liked medical words at the time lol and thought it sounded cool).

I have grown out of that phase thankfully, and am now known as “The big-t” which sounds much cooler. You will know me as “torie” though.

In about May last year, I decided to move to blogger, simply because I knew more people on blogger. What a job it was transferring all my entries over here though! I had to physically copy and paste each entry and backdate it, as I couldn’t find a tool that transferred Live journal entries to blogger.

So for any new readers, I hope you enjoy the blog, and sorry for all the guide dog entries lol. I just think it would be a good way to keep a record of all the steps I take on my journey with my new dog Ushi.

I hope to welcome many new readers to my world over the next coming year, and to all the old ones-hopefully you’ll still stick around!

Just Popping In To Say That I’ve Been Blogging For 3 Years!

It’s hard to believe, but this time Three years ago, I decided to set up a blog. I didn’t really know why, but i guess i was bored. I found
Live Journal
to be the most accessible. I had tried
but it wasn’t that accessible. It might be now though. Sometimes i think about crossing over to
Since alot of people seem to be on it, but i don’t know. What do you all think? Should i cross over to blogger or stay here?

Let’s hope for many more years of blogging, no matter which platform i decide to use.