Win A Slow Feeder Dog Bowl From Puppy In Training

I came across this in a tweet the other day.
Puppy In Training
Are giving away a free slow feeder dog bowl.

Anyone who has a lab type dog, or a big dog in general probably knows about dog Bloat. This is a pritty serious condition. It can be caused by dogs eating too fast. I’ve never (touch wood), had the problem of Ushi eating too fast. She is very patient and will wait at least a minute before eating after i’ve blown her whistle to eat. (Our dogs in the UK only should eat if they hear the whistle blown three times). Plus she eats super slowly, and chews every little bit. I hope this never changes in her as i would hate for her to get bloat.

I was thinking more of
Jess and Glacier
When i started writing this post, so i hope she reads this.

The gang at Puppy in training reviewed this slow dog feeding bowl, and
Here is the vidio review
They did, and the compitition post is

All you have to do is leave a comment on the post above saying why you think your dog could use one of these. A number generator will select the result. Hurry though as i think the deadline is soon.

I just thought i’d spread the word!

It sounds useful if your dog eats fast.