Bloggers Big Problem

Back in November, Blogger announced that it was making some changes to its interface. It was horribly inaccessible when people looked, so I started to consider my options. I decided that
Might be my only option, but alot of people don’t like it. So with the help of VcCarin, who showed me some of the things, I wrote
This post
Which explains how to get started on wordpress.

Since i hadn’t heard of anything, i thought that maybe they wouldn’t move after all, but noticed a few days ago that it said “Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade now”. I started thinking very seriously then. I had a look on Bloggers official blog, and
Here is the post
Explaining how fantastic this new interface will be.

I decided to try out the new interface and found it okay to start with. That was until i went to create a post. Only one of the form fields was labeled. When you went to press Enter to take a new line. It took me out of the box. So i think they still have a long way to go yet.

Away at the bottom of the page there is a form that says “send feedback”. It is not a link but you can enter on it. I was going to send them feedback today but however it decided to crash firefox. So i tweeted @Blogger instead.

I really hope that blogger listen to concerns from its customers. I’ve heard of two or three people who may not continue blogging because of it which is a real shame. I even considdered this myself, but feel that alot of my life is on this blog and i would like it to look back on. I know i don’t really blog as much as i used to but i still do like to blog important things. I hope that i still want to blog when i get wordpress. I have imported all my entries to wordpress so at least they are there.

There are other sites such as
And something called
For blogging, or else you could always blog by email or use the mobile site but i don’t know if that is changing too.

So i may not keep blogging here at blogger, but my blog will be at wordpress. I just have too much stuff to lose on my blog that maybe someone might find useful. I’ll post my new address once i am sure that i am moving.

I hope the people who might not blog might be able to again.

I’ll let you know what happens. Hopefully blogger will listen to our concerns!

Blogger’s Done It Again

Thanks to
For updating me on the situation.

For the past month or so,
Has been making some changes to its new editor. The current edditor is great because we can use it, but apparently even sighted people don’t like it. I think in the middle of November they will start to switch and the “opt out” link will only be available for a short time afterwards.

I’ve decided to create a
Word press blog
Just to have a little experiment in case i have to move my blog. To be honest it’s very hard and frustrating at the minute. Maybe that’s because i’m tired. I even found blogger hard at the start.

Do any of you use word press and any tips for someone going from the nice cool blogger to word press? I’m not gonna move my entries yet though.

Please help a very frustrated blogger! I’m just annoyed. Even normal links code doesn’t work Grrrrr!