Posting Out Of Pure Boredom

It’s been ages since I have actually posted an actual update lol. Right now though i’m totally bored, so thought i’d do a post.

What’s been happening lately? Hmmmmmmmmm…. I have been busy with my
Essential Skills
Assignment. I have to design a brochure for a holiday destination that i would like to go to. I have chosen to do a brochure on the french alps, as i would love to go skiing sometime. We have to remember all that we have learnt, and put it into practice. We have got until April for the first draft, then we have to desplay our work to the moderator who will come in at the end of May.

It’s quite boring at times, and really pissed me off sometimes.

What else? My poor phone had to be taken to phone hospital a couple of weeks ago. My power button had become a bit fubared, and it was so bad that it was turning off and on without me doing anything to it.

I took it in to Vodafone, to see what they’d say. They were going to charge me 40 pound, and send it away. Before they filled out the paper work for sending it away, they suggested i go to a phone repair shop up the street. I was a bit hessitant at first, as i wasn’t sure if they would be that good. I took it up anyway, and i am so glad i did!!!! I got a new power button soldared on, and a new casing for the phone complete with the new button. I got it done within the hour, and it only cost me £23!!!! So that was deffinetly brilliant. Compared to Vodafone!!! I would be still waiting on it now and could be a hell of alot lighter in cash. I am so glad they recommended me going to the phone repair shop.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening. I’ve just been at the
Cedar Foundation
Doing my volunteering, and tomorrow, in fact, i am going to go out afterwords with one of the people i volunteer with. I am looking forward to it, as we have so much fun together.

Now though, i just want to sleep. I am really tired for some reason. I swore when i wrote this blog that i’d never do this type of entry, but since i am so bored, and have only posted about the Archers, i thought i should at least post about me and my life.

Anyway better get back to the assignment now. Hopefully i’ll have something worth while to write soon, although i will still write The Archers spoilers and that. At least the bordom is cured now anyway.