Little Girls Really Don’t Need This

I was going to post something else today that was going to be a bit of fun, but i came across this
On Twitter.

The article was saying about this new doll that has just come out. It’s just a normal doll, only a little girl puts on this top which has sensors where a girls nipples would be. The doll is put on there and makes sucking noises. It also burps and cries. I have no problem with the burping and crying, but a doll that sucks when you where this top? Is that not making little girls even more sexualised? I mean little girls should be little girls, not thinking about babies.

I know girls would probably experiment with a doll, like putting it up dresses and such, but i just think this is too far.

I have seen little tiney bras for girls in Tescos. They aren’t for kids who are developing either! i just think girls are way too sexualised in todays society. Not to mention you have to be super thin and wear make up because of the way the media says girls have to be.

I thought i had more to say but i’ve suddenly ran out of steam. But what do you think of this doll? I have no problem with breast feeding, but not in a doll!

I just thought i’d write about this article. Is it any wonder they aren’t being baught off the shelves?

Just my thoughts. I’d be interested to hear in the comments what you all think! Twitter can post some really horrible things sometimes, but on the other hand, i wouldn’t have got a post out of it if it hadn’t been for the article, although i could have done without reading it.