Not One, But Three!

Last week i got a phone call from my rehab worker saying that Carniny Primary school who i have talked to in the past and who raised £419 for us, were having a day up at Portglenone forest. They wanted to know if me and Ushi would come. They normally have a day up there at the end of each term apparently, but this time it was because they are the first school in Northern Ireland to
Sponsor a puppy
Through the new schools initiative for sponsoring a puppy. I thought it was only one pup that was being sponsored but it is three because of the amount of money raised. They are sponsoring Sparkle, Dudley and Dotty and have received their first “pupdates” and photos.

We arrived at about half 10. I thought there was only going to be a couple of classes there, but the whole school were there! From the moment we got out of the car, it was “there’s Ushi!” and “That’s a guide dog!”. We stopped for some pats before heading off for a walk. While we were chatting, one kid said “that whole is where her poo comes out!”. I thought by the way they were talking that she had pooed but i hadn’t felt her sit. Then one of them said “i saw ushi’s bottom”! Then they looked underneath her and it was “That’s where the milk comes out!”.

We were going to go down a particular path but it was right beside a river so we turned and went another way. I decided to work Ushi to see how she did, and apart from needing to answer natures call at one point she did great. Although she didn’t like walking on the gravel and wanted to walk on the grass just off to the side. We had to stop every few steps for pets. I didn’t mind though as they all asked. Thankfully the paths were quite flat which was good.

I liked that when the little ones were doing a scavenger hunt, the bigger kids were making huts out of tree branches and stuff. So it was fun for all the school.

There was one point where ushi wanted to go down onto a jetty that was just beside us. So because i was being directed we went down because it was closed off. If it wasn’t for the steps down to the water being made of metal, i think that Ushi would have been away. I think she likes the still water but not the sea still. She whined and tried to get to the water. After discovering that we weren’t going down she turned and walked back onto the path again lol.

We headed back to where we started and to have a cup of tea and a biscuit. A little girl came up and even vidioed me and Ushi to show to her mum lol.

It was a good day out and i would like to thank the school for inviting me, but most of all for choosing to sponsor a puppy!