A Great Night!

Tonight was the christmas dinner organised by one of the clients at
The Cedar Foundation
Which was great!!!!!!!!

I got picked up at about half 6. My friend who was going, said that her husband could take me, since she was going too, and we were both going to the same place. It made more sense, rather than me getting our local transport scheme.

We went to a place called the Countrymans. We were all in a room of our own, which was good. The christmas spirit was really up, as there were crackers at our tables, and party poppers, and such.

About 10 minutes after we arrived, our orders started coming.

For starters, i had Vegetable soup, with a roll. Can you tell i like it? Since that was all i had for lunch at
The Hotel

Anyway, for the main course, i had Turkey and ham, with all the trimmings, except Yorkshire Puddings. It was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

After, i had a gorgious Pavlova with cream. It was yum!!!!!! The perfect end to a lovely meal!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 10 minutes after, we did a secret santa thing. We each had braught our presents to the dinner, and they were all put into a big sack. I got a beautiful bag with a pair of gloves!!!!!! It was lovely!!!!!! Whoever got me it, thanks.

Secret santas are much better!!!! Plus they are fun!!!!! It means that nobody is left out, and everyone doesn’t have to waist time buying every single person in the country!!!!!!! Plus it’s really exciting knowing what you might get, and wondering who has got you what!!!!!!!!

After that, some woman came to talk to us about setting up our own social group.

The craic was 90!!!!!!!! I would like to say a huuuuuuuuge thanks to Morene for being great and organising it. Also thank god a certain other person wasn’t there. There is this person who is really annoying, and likes to make sure that i am alright. The only problem is that he makes false accusations, and doesn’t like me being independent. Thank god he didn’t ruen our night!!!!!!!

Thanks again Morene. All of the group, in fact, were really awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!!!

I love the way the social calendar increases before christmas. I’m off to a panto tomorrow night, then next Friday i will hopefully be able to go to a christmas party thingie at Cedar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would rather do that than sitting in the house!!!!!!