The Cary And Dunluce Masonic Charity Breakfast

Yesterday morning, me and Ushi headed off to the Cary and Dunluce Masonic lodge breakfast. It was orrigionally mean tto be for our local “blind” club, but because they aren’t a registered charity as there aren’t enough people who go to it, the guy who runs it invited guide dogs. The other charity attending was the
Northern ireland chest heart and stroke association

So it was a very early start when we rolled out of bed. The breakfast started at 7 so we had to leave at about a quarter to 6. So me, the branch organiser, and another volunteer all headed down to Port Ballentray where the breakfast was. It was in the Bayview hotel.

We were one of the first there. We all decided to have a full cooked breakfast for a change. I normally wouldn’t eat a big breakfast, but thought it would be nice for a change. My only complaint with it was that the egg wasn’t done the way i like it, but other than that it was rather nice!

I fed Ushi then as i didn’t want to feed her when we got up and figured it would be safe to leave her. I blew the whistle to let her know she could eat, and the couple who had joined our table stopped what they were doing so we had to explain that it was okay for them to go back to eating lol.

I wasn’t sure if Ushi would eat as it was so crowded but she was grand.

We decided to move at one point as more people needed to sit down and it got quite busy.

The next couple of hours were spent just sitting around as the place got more and more crowded. A couple of people did come and talk to us though, and one of the masonic papers did an interview with us all.

There was also a raffle and the branch organiser won two bottles of wine.

The breakfast raised £1100 for each charity. We will head up on the 19th of January to receive the cheque where we could get more money as more could come in between now and then.

We took Ushi for a free run afterwards. The waves were really feerce and kept bringing up white foam onto the beach. It was more like a bay but i think because there was land on either side it made them sound bigger. Ushi of course would not go in the sea, but had a great time none the less. She did scare another lab though. She lay down and then ran full pelt towards it. The poor thing didn’t know what to do and put its tail between it’s legs.

So it was a very good day. I’m glad that the cheque presentation isn’t until 10 in the morning, so not as much of an early start then! I would like to thank the masonic lodge and our blind club for giving us the invite.