Happy Christmas All

As i sit here letting my dinner digest, i just thought i’d pop in and wish you all a happy Christmas. I hope you all have enjoyed your day.

I have done nothing, absolutely nothing all day. I am spending Christmas this year down at my dads with my sister. I didn’t have a clue what i wanted, so we’re just getting money this year. I do find it strange not having anything to open, but when you don’t know what you want, it’s hard to have something. We did of course have christmas dinner but other than that, we’ve just treated it as another day. Just another day.

I’ve been thinking about my uncle a lot though. He really loved when we were at his the christmas before last. He loved it every christmas come to think of it. It deffinetly is quite strange knowing that we won’t see him agin. Everything is getting squared away on that front, and the relivant documents are with the relivant people.

So i would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy christmas, and thanks to the friends who got me presents. I am desperate though and can’t wait to open my presents so i have to open them as soon as i get them :).

So i hope everyone enjoys the rest of their christmas day. I am off to catch up on The archers for this week as i’ve missed them this week. I hope people who are finding it hard can get through today. I think the older you get, the less christmas means, or maybe that’s just me. I think i shall wrapp up now. Take care all :).

Sorry To Be A Scruge

I was debating this post and i’ll probably get lots of comments telling me that I am a scruge but i don’t really care. I guess i am a bit of a scruge this year.

I’m finding that i’m just not in the whole christmas thing this year. I think it’s just all the crowds, people thinking the world will end and everywhere you go there is the same christmas music playing. There has even been mentions from some people on Facebook since the start of November!

Our family have never been one of those families who invite or visit every man and his cat, and i am glad of that. There isn’t anything wrong with visiting/having people over for christmas before people start getting annoyed.

Nothing particularly bad has happened to not get me in the mood, but i deffinetly think the older you get the less exciting it gets.

Yes i will enjoy getting presents and such but to be honest i’m not looking for that much this year. I have thought of a few things and have got most of them already. I’ll write what i get later though.

I really hate to say it but it just feels like another day this year. I honestly don’t know what the hype is.

Before i go on any more and start repeating myself, i’ll leave you and wish you all a happy christmas. I hope you enjoy whatever you do. I will try to enjoy it and i’ll have my two younger brothers to hopefully help me get into the christmas spirit. I’m also glad o say that i’ve looked at the weather and apparently it is to be quite warm tomorrow.

Sorry to spoil anyones mood. I’m listening to
Team FM
Where there will be an interview shortly with
About winning
Glor Tire
So head on over right now and

Sorry for being a scruge!

Santa Came Early!

At about 10 o’clock, Santa decided to make a flying visit. You see, he was so busy, you know. Of course I didn’t complain about this!

Well I first of all got a new computer chair (was given that a couple weeks ago from dad). The one I got
Last Year
Wasn’t the best, as the back fell off it less than 6 months later! This new chair is an executive one, with loads of space between the arms. I was scared to get a chair with the arms as I thought that there wouldn’t be much room. But this one is grand! Plus the back is a hell of alot sterdier too as it’s attached to the arms and the seat.

Tonight though I got a hand made necklace, “Moon lavender” I think it’s called shower jell and body lotion (which smell gorgious!). I also got two more bottles of oil for my
Reed Defuser
I got last year.

Oh and I got chocolates! A box of Erro bubbles, and some chocolate coins. (After I went and baught chocs today too! Well it’s christmas, after all.).

I was going to get some trousers with zippy pockets (so I don’t lose anything like my phone), but there was none, so I just got the money instead.

Oh and I also got a little something……naughty! Lol i’ll tell ya in the comments if you’re curious lol :).

I didn’t get Ushi anything this year as her birthday is coming up in February, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what to get her! I just played for about an hour before her last trip to spend with her, followed up by just some quality bonding, a teeth brushing, and then a nice relaxing groom to finish. I would normally groom and all, but I just thought I’d spend a little extra time spoiling her. I think she was a bit annoyed that I didn’t give her anything off my presents though, as she came over, then after a minute just went and lay on her bed. I felt a bit guilty, so went over after opening all the presents, and gave her a good rub.

Weather permitting, a free run should hopefully be on the cards tomorrow for her. Nowhere will be open, so hopefully we can let her have a good bound. I think she would enjoy it.

My friend is going to give me her presents after the new year. We were going to give each other before christmas, but with the kitchen being done, we just couldn’t do it, plus the bad weather. Speaking of kitchens, it’s all done now. The tiles were done on Wednesday, and all the electrics are in too. We had a little problem though. A new pipe was put in for the sink, but it froze solid, so they had to physically cut it away. The only thing they have to do is dig a new drain for the new outlet pipe. They are probably doing this in the new year, as the weather has been so bad. I hear a thaw is happening in the next couple days though! Fingers crossed anyway.

I hope you all have a fabulous christmas, and hope you get everything you want! I certainly did! I’m a little giddy now lol. Take care of yourselves! I hope you all enjoy yourselves!

Presents Galore!

I should have posted this yesterday, but i was too busy. I’ll recap though.

At about midnight on christmas eve, my sister asked if i wanted to open my presents. Of course i jumped at the chance!!!!!!!

Well i got a bracelet, a computer chair, a microphone for
A box of shower stuff, scrubbers, a reed defuser, a bottle of oil for the defuser, House season 5, and bottle of body lotion.

I had a really great day. The chair, microphone and DVD were given to me earlier, but i thought i’d mention them anyway.

Also, my friends gave me their presents much earlier too. My friend from college gave me a bracelet, little bear, and Ormanie white diamonds, which smells gorgious, and my other friend gave me a perfume called Lulu. So i’ll be smelling really sweet. Currently though, i use the diamonds.

Thanks to everyone who got me presents, both on christmas and earlier. Love them.

So what did you all get?

Have a happy christmas, well what’s left of it, or if you’re like me, a good boxing day.

It’s Christmas!

Just wishing every single one of you on here a very merry christmas. Cause after all, it’s chri’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’smasssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day. I’ll do the happy new year thing next week.

Merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas!

Well it’s christmas once again. Just wanted to post and say happy christmas. What all did everyone get?

On a side note, why does Microsoft office 2007have to be such a pain in the arse? I decided to take it off, because i got an older version, which was easier to work. What a mistake that was!!!!!!!! Had to reboot the whole system. The internet wasn’t working either. Had to find someoe with good working eyes to get it going. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’ll know not to do that again, anyway.

Happy Christmas!

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, but better late than never.

I would just like to wish everyone here a happy christmas. What all did you all get? Hope you all got what you wanted, and enjoy the rest of the day!!!