Prochive Collapsible Silicone Lightweight Coffee Cup, Reusable Folding Mug Travel Cup Leak Proof Water Bottle for Outdoor Camping Hiking & Office Home Use “Snorkle Blue”

A few months ago, our local


Had announced that they would gradually be doing away with their plastic cups. I didn’t even know collapsable cups were a thing, but a quick search on Amazon braught up the Prochive cup. This is a tiny cup that folds up to the size of a tub of moisturiser so perfect to fit in a pocket or bag.

The cup is very simply packaged. The cup itself is wrapped in what feels like a thick cloth, which is then wrapped in what feels like tissue paper or thin plastic. The cup will be folded when you unwrap it. If you turn it upside down, a holder to slide the cup in to will be sticking out. This needs to be removed before expanding the cup. When you turn the cup the right way up again, there is a sooth bit of silocone which if you push it slightly with one hand and lifting the lid with the other, it is easier to take off. The cup will then expand when you push the inside of it. It expands to the size of a standard take away cup that you’d find in most coffee shops. The cup holder then goes on with the wider part of the holder pointing to the top of the cup and the bottom of the cup going through the narrow part of the holder. The lid fits securely and has a cover for the whole that you drink out of.

There is a slight smell from the cup when you first use it, but if you rince it out a few times it should be fine. The cup isn’t hot to hold so it probably wouldn’t keep the heat for too long but drinks are still hot if you drink them as soon as you have poured them. The cup can sometimes leak if the holder is put on the wrong way as it squeezes the cup slightly.

Other than that, i really do love this little cup. It fits neatly in a pocket and many coffee shops offer discounts if you use it instead of a normal take away cup.

The link to buy the cup is