Be Very Very Careful

Today my dad was telling me about a very scarey thing that is going around.

My dad has had his computer for about 6 years. He was away yesterday so had it off all day. When he turned it on last night he said that a dialog came up and said something like “Your computer is critical. You have no ram and your computer is running at 20 % less speed” or something. He clicked to see if he could fix it and it said he would have to pay to fix it. He also said that anything on his C drive wasn’t there and he couldn’t see anything.

He thought his computer was on its last legs so turned it off and hoovered out the fan as he thought it was over heating. (He has a desk top and takes excellent care of it). When he turned it on again still the same thing happened with an error. He typed in the error code and found a website.
Which has been set up because of this.

What had happened was malware. AVG or Spy bott programs hadn’t detected this. The malware had created fake logs in Windows and the only difference was that they were different coloured. It even mimicked the Windows symbol. The author of the above website said that to prevent this happening there were a couple of programs you had to download off the site. I always find that suspicious but apparently they are legit. Apparently this particular malware hides in the opporating systim.

Dad was seconds away from buying a new computer. He is not particularly technical but even he knew something wasn’t right. His computer is working fine now but his colour scheme has been changed.

This is very sneaky. If someone isn’t all that technical or is knew to computers this could be very very bad. People could be seriously taken advantage of.

The website i mentioned takes the details of what it is when you download the programs and i think they are reporting it to whoever it is they report these things to.

Just be very careful. This is very scarey. I would recommend people downloading these programs or at least saving the site in their favourites should they need them. Please be careful!

I just thought i’d put this up here. I didn’t think they would be allowed to be so sneaky with this. I think alot of people could be taken advantage of. Let’s hope nobody spends money on something they don’t need! *Due to copying an email address instead of a link, i cannot remember the website for this entry*