Fife Society For The Blind Needs Your Help

I got this sent to me in an email the other day and thought it was a brilliant thing. I don’t live in Scotland but i think this would be extremely useful to help teach people to cook in a safe and secure environment. I would love to get back into cooking again but haven’t done it since about 4 years ago. So i’m badly out of touch. One day my sister asked me to stirr pasta and i totally panicked at the heat. I was going to get bump ons to stick on the cooker but don’t think they would last too long with a 3 year old brother!

Anyway here is the email. You can vote as much as you like i think.

Sent:Tuesday Sept 4
Update from News: Fife Society for the Blind need your help!!
Dear ******

An unusual News item, but one I feel is worth circulating.

Fife Society for the Blind are currently competing to win a house worth up to £250,000 courtesy of Persimmon Homes. They are representing the East of Scotland
against 23 other charities from across the UK and they are the only sight loss charity in the running. If they win, they would like to convert the house
into a bespoke demonstration and assessment home for blind and partially sighted people not only locally, but nationally, but they need your help to win.
You can vote for them by going to the link below:

Their application is below:

Serious sight loss affects 1 in 6 of us over the age of 60 and with more people living longer we face an increase in the current 2,200 blind and partially
sighted people we serve in Fife. The average person is age 85 years, lives alone and struggles to retain independence in the home.

We are committed to helping individuals to find solutions to everyday living and there are so many low cost and effective ways we can do this. Improved
lighting in the home, reduced glare from surfaces, lighter decoration to reflect good light, effective use of colour and tonal contrast to aid visibility
as well as a barrier free environment. In the kitchen we encourage tactile and high visibility marking of cookers, washing machines and microwaves.

If we won the house, we would be able to develop an assessment, demonstration and teaching environment based on a traditional domestic environment. We
would install controllable lighting in the living, kitchen and bathroom areas to enable us to advise and demonstrate to individuals how to modify their
own home. Decoration would be varied in different rooms showing how to enhance safety and ease of access for those with poor sight.

Individuals can learn how to cope, not in a classroom but in a home that similar to their own. For those younger clients needing to learn to cope living
away from home we will be able to provide an experience of shopping, storing, cooking, cleaning, bed making in a real home.