Course Confusion

A while back, I wrote about how i wasn’t sure what
To do next year. I was talking about the text processing course, but i still don’t think i’m going to get much from that.

I emailed my mentor who i had for
The GCSE Maths
And the Essential skills ICT course. I told him about what i was considering. I only did this since i was asked what i wanted to do next year by the IT officer in
The Cedar Foundation
Anyway, the IT officer said that he had to do qualifications for working in ICT, but he wasn’t sure what they were, since it was a number of years ago that he had done it.

Here’s where the confusion starts. My mentor said that i could either do an access course, which would take two years at the college. With this, you need to pick 3 subjects i think it is, and then you do those, and it’s equivalent to three A levels. My mentor says it’s alot of work though.

After this course, i would need to do a
Post Graduate Certificate In Education
(PGCE). This would last a year. This could also be done through the college. I would also need 60 hours of teaching, with a class of sighted people. My mentor says that he was assessed as he was teaching.

The only thing is, i would need a C in GCSE maths, and i got a D in mine. I don’t fancy doing the GCSE again!!!! Hate maths. Teaching the sighted people sounds scarey too.

There is also the option of me doing an accredited course by
Freedom Scientific
Who are the makers of JAWS, but i would need to have that teaching course first. Plus, it’s £1000 for the course, because you have to travel and that, and i’m certainly not ready for that!!!!

The other thing i could do would be computer programming. Well not computer programming, but programming for the assistive technology. But would i not need alot of maths and that? Plus it sounds rather complicated!!!!

I’m not sure what to do at all.
mentioned a scheme that i could use for paid work. It is called
Which stands for “Ulster Support Employment Limmited”. I think it supports people to get into work, by putting you in contact with places that you would like to work in. I might email them and see what the craic is. Although they will probably want to know about qualifications and such.

So i’m in a bit of a pickle really. A small part of me doesn’t really want to studdy this year, and just focus on maybe becoming a bit more independent?

So yeah, i’m rather confused and don’t really know what to do. My mentor has suggested that i write down a list of things i want to do and go from there. I will have to have a hard think about that one. I don’t think i’ll do that tonight though.

Any thoughts, etc would be great. I wish there was a qualification for assistive technology or something, but i don’t think there is.

It’s back to the drawing board I think…

No More Courses?

Well since i’m officially finished at the college now, i was thinking about what to do next year.

On the last day of the
Essential Skills
Class, i met with the support person to discuss courses so that she could get an idea of what i might need and such. We looked through the prospectus, and came up with a few suggestions. Staying on the theme of computers, i was possibly thinking of doing
The Level 3 Text Processing qualification
Which would be good to improve my typing of professional documents and such. It would also maybe get me closer to being qualified to teach JAWS, and would be another qualification to add to the old CV. Our college only does level 3, for some reason. I actually found out that
Those word processing
Exams I had mentioned that i did at school were actually the level 1 qualification of the Text processing. I should go back and change the titles of those posts, but i can’t be bothered.

Anyway the next course on the list that i was considering, was a cooking course. This course would be for beginners, and i thought it would be good, as it would give me the motivation to actually cook again (haven’t done it in 2 years lol), but the only thing that bothers me about doing it is that there is going to be about 14 in our class if i did do it, including my friend who also happens to be blind. The support person says that they can get us an assistant or something to help us, but i have had bad experiences. In school we had a substitute teacher who basically thought that we weren’t capable. I would just be scared of that happening again. Although i am now an adult, so i would hopefully have the balls to actually say when i needed help. I’m also nervous about the fact that there would be such a big class, and apparently the kitchen isn’t that big. It doesn’t start til January though, so that’s good.

I was thinking though recently that the text processing might not be that good since i probably would know most of it, and it’s quite a big jump from level 1 to level 3. I was also thinking “Do i really need to go to college this year again?” I mean i have been for the past two years, doing the
GCSE Maths,
The GCSE English,
The Essential Skills
Courses. I mean do i really need to keep going back? Should i be thinking of this?

Of course during the day i would still be going to the
Cedar Foundation
2 and a half days a week teaching computers to blind and partially sighted people (as a volunteer), and hopefully i will be doing some quilting that i talked about in a
Previous Entry
(I have been in contact with a local woman who is willing to let me try, and is hoping to run a course for 6 weeks). She has even offered to meet me beforehand.

I will also hopefully still be involved with the
Eye Matter
Group i’ve mentioned.

Do you guys think that i should go back to college, or is it okay to take a year out? Would it be too much for me to go to college and then have to abandon it for when i hopefully go to get my guide dog? (A girl can hope).

I would be interested to know what you all think. I have a couple of months yet, so that will be plenty of time to make a decition. I think our college is open for enrollment for ages.

Thanks for any thoughts. Sorry for so many links lol. I just like referring people back to important entries.

Anyway i think this post is long enough lol. Cheers for any feedback.