Disability Sports Event….

Today I took part in a sporting event, organised by
Disability Sports N I
It was to promote inclusive games for all.

The event started at about 7 o’clock. We were given badges, which let the people know who was in what team, and what sport they would be doing. There were 3 sports played.

First, we played
which is like bowls, only played from a sitting position. It was good, although I kept throwing in the wrong direction!!!! During this game however, I had to do an interview with
Seven FM,
Our local radio station. I had to talk about how good the event was, discussing my work at
The Cedar foundation,
As they were there, and what my favourite game was of the evening. I just said Boccia, as it was the only one i’d played so far. I’ll have to see if I can get the interview for you all to hear though.

Next up was
which is a sport designed for blind and partially sighted people. You have to follow the sound of the ball, rolling it from one side of the court to the other. It was good too. It was so good, that i’ve signed up for any compititions that are available.

Finally, it was
New aged Kurling
Which is like Ice Kurling, only played indoors. You have stones, which have ball bearings at the bottom, and you push it along the floor, to hit a target. It was the last game, which was also good.

It was a really great evening, although it went by so quickly!!!!!!! I hope that there will be many more events like this. Thanks to Disability sports!!

Also, forgot to mention, before the games started, we appeared in a report by
BBC Newsline
Unfortunately, you have to watch the whole half an hour, or near enough, before you get to it. I’m just in the background, but it’s good to promote the event.

Really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!