Disability Living Allowance-The Budget Announcement

I found this article on the
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Facebook page. I think it is good news anyway. No doubt there will prob be more cuts on the way though, so i don’t think i’ll hold my breath that we are going to get the higher rate of Mobility by next year. Who knows really. It’s interesting anyway. I was expecting more cuts though.

Anyway here’s the article after all that ramblement.

RNIB is receiving a number of enquiries about the Budget speech and Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

In his Budget on 22 June 2010 the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that from 2013, DLA claimants (both new and existing) will be required to undergo a medical assessment to determine their eligibility to claim the benefit. We would expect it to take some time to assess existing claimants. Each case would then be reviewed from time to time.

The new test is intended to reduce the numbers on DLA. Savings of over £1 billion per year by 2015 are envisaged. We do not know whether or how blind and partially sighted people will be affected by this – it depends on the details of the test. RNIB will be watching this closely and if necessary making representations to the Government.

No announcement was made regarding a decrease or increase to DLA rates in 2013. There is no reason to suppose that there would not be an annual inflation increase, as usual.

2011 higher rate mobility increase RNIB and Action for Blind People continue to work with DWP officials on the extension of eligibility for the higher rate DLA mobility component to people with a severe sight loss.

We understand the regulations needed to bring the change into effect will be laid before Parliament in the next week or so. This allows enough time for their approval before the summer recess. The re-assessment of visually impaired claimants on the lower rate of the mobility component will start in the autumn with the objective of completing the process before April 2011 when payments will start.

We are confident that the change is going ahead despite the very difficult fiscal environment.

Further Information For further information or to discuss the implications and what we can do as the leading UK charity for blind and partially sighted people, contact the campaigns team on 020 7391 2123 or campaigns@rnib.org.uk
Contact: campaigns@rnib.org.uk

Campaigne For Blind And Partially Sighted People To Get The Higher Rate Of The Mobility Component Of DLA

I’m a bit….ashamed of these entries, bt want to publish the blog from the start. I’m glad my writing has matured over the years.

While reading the RNIB’S website a couple of months ago, I came across
This Link
This is a campaign to make blind and partially sighted people get the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA (disability living allowance).

A lot of you are probably wondering: what the hell is she on about? Let me explain…

There are 2 components to DLA: the care component (This is for people who need extra care, for example, people who cannot feed and dress themselves) and the mobility component (for people who have difficulty getting around). The care component has 3 rates: the higher rate (60 pounds per week),the middle rate (40 pounds per week) and the low rate (16 pounds per week). The mobility component only has 2 rates: the high rate (about 43 pounds per week) and the low rate (16 pounds per week).

Currently only people with physical disabilities like wheelchair users get the higher rate of mobility. The RNIB is trying to change this because blind and partially sighted people have to rely on taxies and people to take them everywhere.

LET’S CAMPAIGN TO CHANGE THIS. Sorry this is in capitals but i want to highlight it. I’m not shouting at anyone.

I’ve also created a petition about this. Please sign it. It’s at:
This Website

Let me know your comments about this issue. Do you think it is unfair that blind and partially sighted people don’t get the higher rate of mobility?? Do you not care? All views welcome!!!!!!