Other Dogs And Me

I feel like i’m constantly going on about this, but ever since the
Dog Attack
On Ushi I have been quite nervous about other dogs. Tell me now if i’m playing on this or going on too much.

Before the attack I was warey of other dogs, as I didn’t really like when I could hear their feet running. I don’t know why, but I guess I was worried about how distracted Ushi would get. I remember after qualification, in fact, the day of qualification, how there were those yappy dogs on our estate. I have got gradually better about these dogs, and in fact, I think the owners have put in an extra gate away from the main gate so that they can’t get out or anything. I’m not sure if they have, but I can’t hear them run up to me now so that’s all that mattered.

I felt extremely proud of myself when I was able to walk past the house without even batting an eyelid. That took time though.

I never really let her run with other dogs on a free run as I wasn’t sure what the other dogs would be like, and that. I know it is probably selfish that I still don’t let her, but i’d rather be safe than sorry. I make sure that on a free run that we run somewhere quiet and I still have someone with me when doing it just in case.

We were going to free run the other day, and dad said there was another dog in the field. I panicked, and asked him what type of dog it was. He said that that wouldn’t matter, and that any dog could attack Ushi. He said though that Ushi will sense me being nervous, and then will be reluctant to work or that. I know he is right, but I can’t help panicking about other dogs. Especially now. I would hate for another attack to happen.

On one of our walks though there is a little pit bull dog behind a gate, but it can run along it. It has a really horrible bark, and it always manages to freak me out a bit. Once I am past it i am usually grand, but it still causes a bit of concern.

When my sister used to come out walking with me, she would deliberately cross the road so that I couldn’t ask her if it was out. But the thing is i’ve kind of started doing something which i know I shouldn’t. I’ve started to do an off kerb just before the house. I’ve only ever done it twice, but I know I shouldn’t and should just walk past the gate. When I am walking past though i am right beside the gate. If I was to reach out, I would be able to touch it. There is just about enough room for a car and me as the path is quite narrow.

I always tell myself afterwards that I shouldn’t do this as this could affect Ushi’s confidence in this area. While she hasn’t shown any worry, I wouldn’t want it to get to that point.

My instructor always says to keep Ushi moving, as the other dog will lose interest, which it does and stops barking, but it has such a nasty little bark.

But this has got to stop. It’s not Ushi that’s the problem-it’s her owner! I would hate for my actions to affect Ushi. Is it normal to be feeling this way after what 5 months? Plus the more I stop or worry, the more chance of Ushi noticing the other dog, which would be a vicious circle of trying to get her going again!

This is probably just me rambling, but I just figure that this does need to stop. Any suggestions?

Oh and by the way thanks for all the help regarding Ushi’s weight on my last post! I was extremely worried. I’m hoping that taking a handful out of each feed for now as well as the two walks a day will help keep that off her! Much appreciated!