Food crisis

I’ve managed to get back on again. I don’t know if i mentioned in my last post or not but i have decided to buy a vodafone hotspot for the internet up here, so that should give us better connection in future.

I’m still up at my uncles and things were going swimmingly until Friday morning. I braught up food for Ushi and i thought i’d have plenty to do me until we went home on Monday. I had still some left over from the last time i braught some up, and as well as that i braught some up when we came up on the 19th. On Friday morning however, I discovered we had a huge situation on our hands. Ushi had barely a day left of her food if i was lucky. Ushi is on

Royal Cannin Maxisensible

For her food. I wasn’t really too keen on switching her to a cheaper brand just because i’d run out of her food. Maybe i was being fussy but i didn’t want to risk it maybe not agreeing with her, her spending on the street etc. So i prefered to get her her maxisensible.

I decided to ring round a couple of petshops just to see if they would have the food before i made the trip down. Thank god i did! There are very few petshops in Belfast that i could find. Or at least near my uncles. We tried a shop first on North street, and the guy said that he didn’t have any maxisensible but that he could order it in. The earliest it would be in though would be Friday which wouldn’t do at all. He did recommend Pets At Home, as they had an offer on the 4 kilogram bags of the maxisensible, but i had no way of getting to it since my uncle doesn’t have a car. The guy recommended phoning another petshop though that would be near to us. Of course we couldn’t find this petshop in the phone book. So we phoned another petshop. They didn’t stock any of the Royal cannin range at all. By this stage i was really starting to panick. They recommended another petshop but again we couldn’t find it.

Finally as a last ditch resort, I said about Jollyes. The nearest store from us was in Glengormly, so we would have had to get a taxi. I was getting desperate though so gave them a phone. They did have my Maxisensible! It was only in the 15 kilogram bags though. After a quick word with my uncle, we decided to go for it. I was so so relieved! The guy in Jollyes did stomp me for a second when he asked why Ushi was on the maxisensible. I now know that it is for sensative digestion, but i just said that she was a guide dog and that was what she came with. I wasn’t really sure where we would store the food, but thankfully for £54, I could get the bag and a Royal cannin food bin as well.

So me and my sister headed off in a taxi to pick up Ushi’s food, while Ushi stayed with my uncle. I was a little worried about how Ushi would be being left, but she was grand. I didn’t see the point of sticking her in a taxi just to head home in one again. And the taxi driver even took the food into the house for us which was so nice.

I am amazed at how small the bin is, yet it holds a 15 kilogram bag, plus more! I have a kitchen bin at home and i really have to push the food down in it. I was kind of jealous of it lol. But thank god for Jollyes, and at least that’ll do me for at least 3 months now. I don’t know what i’d have done if i couldn’t find her food! And thank god for taxis too! It would have been really hard carrying a 15 kilo bag of food on a bus!

I’m off for a free run now with Ushi.