Change Vat Rules For Assistance Dogs

Recently there has been alot of talk about the fact that The Guide dogs for the blind association has to pay vat on its dog food. We as guide dog owners do not have to pay for our dog food which i hope never changes. I am so greatful that it is all paid for and that we are so lucky. There are alot of changes taking place at Guide dogs and i hope the fact that we do get our food and vet bills paid for never changes. If i had a choice though i would rather pay for my food as that would be the one amount each time.

Currently guide dogs are not classed as working dogs but grey hounds are. I think this is disgusting. Anyway a scotish MP has set up a
To try and send to the government. It has already got over a thousand signatures, but needs 100,000 to be considered by Parliament. I would really appreciate it if you could all sign and share this in any way you can.

Guide dogs have to pay £300,000 each year on vat for their dogs. Considering it costs £50,000 for the lifetime of each dog, that money could be used to fund at least 6 more partnerships. Our association doesn’t get any government funding at all.

Here is a news article about the
Vat on dog food
from the guide dogs website.

So please can you get as many people as possible to sign this petition. I’ve been posting this alot on twitter recently too. It is very important. There was even a guide dog owner in Scotland who had a day where they just tried to get people to sign the petition. I am considering asking our branch organiser if we can have a similar day! I don’t know if we would be allowed though.

I know i am not doing much, and sorry if this annoys you, but it is a very important topic and guide dogs like any charity are struggling at the minute because of the recession. I always thank anyone who donates even just a little when i am fundraising.

So don’t just read the petition, do sign and share it. It only takes a few seconds, although there is a capcha on it.

Thank you all and sorry this post is a bit rambly and all over the place.