Essential Skills Level 2 ICT

Tonight was the first night of
The Essential Skills
ICT I mentioned. I was meant to start last week, but they couldn’t find a tutor.

We started at about half 6. We were going to see the layout but it wasn’t on the notice board so we just waited for the support person to show us where to go.

There were 20 in class.

First, we located plug sockets and such. We then met the teacher. She is called Anne Marie.

We first completed an assessment so that the people could see what level we were at. We are doing a level 2 thank god. This assessment was just ticking boxes and finding out what we knew and what we didn’t. The teacher read it out, which was excellent!!!!!!!!

After this we were doing a word processing task. We just had to basically write our name and that we attended the college. We also had to write what we liked doing in our spare time, what programs we could use on the computer like what
Microsoft programs we knew how to work, and what we wanted to do in the future.

We then had to do different things with this text, like putting headers on, changing bits of it to Bold or Ittallics, underline it, insert Pagebreaks, change the spacing, put some things into bullet points, put borders round certain things, change the colour, Tab for a while, change the margins, and finally insert Page numbers. I think that was all.

It was during this time that my JAWS software decided to be a pain in the arse and say it was in 40 minute mode when the dongle that was there to make it work was in. I just got the support person to click on it though. It worked fine after that.

The senior lecturer came in after all that, to split the class up. Well to talk about splitting the level 1s up from the 2s. This would mean it would be much easier to hear!!!!! By that i mean that it would be easy to hear the teacher.

I was quite impressed by the first night. For one, i got the Mentor i had last year for the
GCSE Maths Class
Which was fabulous. Next, the support person went beyond the call of duty. She was awsum. I mean she stayed throughout the whole class!!!!!! She also read things and all. Finally the teacher actually used keyboard shortcuts!!!!! Thank god!!!!!!

Here’s hoping next week will be as good!!!!! My mentor is thinking of sitting opposite me so that i can hear better, and plus my friend is in it too. So we both are gonna sit together. That’ll be a scream!!!!!!!

I also heard a rumour that we will get our money back for the ECDL which was supposed to happen. I hopefully won’t have to come in until 7:30 if our class is going to be then. Otherwise it’s at 6:30 again.

ECDL Update

Today i went down to the college to get my support sorted for the
Course i mentioned. Well i thought it was ECDL anyway.

I arrived at 11 o’clock. There is a new person in charge of the support part of the college so that’s good. So anyway I found out that i might not be starting the ECDL course as planned. Apparently when the support officer had checked with the head of the course about what was happening and to find out who the teacher was, she was told that the course was postponed until the 22nd of September. That wasn’t the worst of it though.

During the summer i got a letter saying that the first half of the class would be essential skills, and that the second part would be the ECDL. That was fine. I found out today that funding had been withdrawn over the summer, then they decided to provide it again. Only now it wouldn’t be the ECDL, but Essential skills ICT. I felt that the essential skills, which would have been a level one was far too basic. Then the support officer saw that the full course might be in another part of the college slightly up from the current college. Well i think it used to be a gym but they have it as part of the college for some reason. I thought “Oh Happy days”, and the support woman went to make sure this was the case. She couldn’t get in contact with the person who runs the course or whoever, so then she came back and decided to sort out my support needs.

I have got a laptop and JAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is far better than
Last Year
And how long i had to wait for practically the same things. Hopefully now that there is a new person who has taken over the support of the college, that things will go much more swimmingly. My dad then had to sign a couple of things saying that i had got the laptop and such.

After that, the support woman tried to get in touch with the person running the course again to see what was going on. It is now going to be an essential skills course. It is better than the ECDL apparently. It is essential skills level 2. I’m not sure what way the exams will work, but we will find that out over time i’m sure. We still don’t know if the class is on on Tuesday but the support woman is going to phone if it isn’t. Otherwise she is going to meet me on the Tuesday night just to show me where everything is and all that.

I am so glad that i have my support needs sorted early!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a pity everything else didn’t go as smoothly.

I still think they should tell you these things before you have to start the course !!!! Like at the start of september!!!