The European Guide Dog Survey

Just a quick one to say that I got this emailed to me this morning and thought it might be useful. It is very quick and most of it is pressing buttons on your phone.

Dear ***

I’m hoping that you might help on two fronts re your experiences of being guide dog users or your links to guide dog users re this survey and the use of
new technology.

The European Guide Dogs Federation is trialling the use of the voice form facility of Ipadio. I think this is going to be a really significant way of including
those of us who are concerned re completing surveys online, but have access to a telephone. It also provides much needed information about issues facing
European guide dog users and the survey has been made available online across the EU. To this end, I was wondering whether you could spare a few minutes
to dial up the following number and have a go at completing the form found there: 0330 333 9932

I have had a go at this and it was really painless and took me less than 10 minutes.

Please feel free to pass this on to any other guide dogs users you know to get them to complete it if they wish. We will be closing the survey down on
20th June, so completion before this date would be appreciated. Please let me know how you find the telephone form filling, as I do think that most organisations
for the blind should have this facility for use by the 80% of blind and partially sighted people who do not use a computer!

I have pointed out to the developers that where a nil response is required, it is not obvious what you do or where you do not wish to comment, what you
need to press to leave this section blank. I think I just pushed the hash key, which symbolised completion of that section and it then moved on to the
next topic.

Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

NB: The 0330 number range is a new range of numbers introduced by Ofcom to combat the confusion over call charges to non-geographic numbers. The rules
regarding these numbers are that they must be included in any bundled minute packages on both landlines and mobiles by all operators. In addition where
the call isn’t covered by a package of bundled minutes the call will cost the same or less than calling a 01 or 02 geographic number.